Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Travel Photo of the Month - October 2014

To this day, this is still one of my favourite photos from my trip to Egypt way back in the days circa 1999.

Up before dawns crack to ride a camel up Mt Sinai to watch the sunrise.  Half way up my camel 'broke down', one of the many times this happened to either my camel or my donkey on this trip.  Okay, okay, my camel didn't break down...let's just say there was a certain step up on the path that my camel was negotiating and tipped me up as  I slid off the back of it.....saddle broke and I was on the ground.

I hiked the rest of the way, which was not so easy for me at the time and still managed to watch a breathtaking sunrise.

In need of strong coffee, sustenance and a much needed bath (I was starting to smell of camel) we made our descent down the mountain.  Half way down we stopped for a breather and this is my moment. Sipping on hot, black, strong coffee and chatting to these two very shy camel boys on Mt Sinai.

Nothing can get much better in the travel moments

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