Thursday, 6 July 2017

Mezza Train @ Mascot


Mezza Train at Mascot has caught my eye. When you first think 'train' you think sushi which is not a new concept, however serve little plates of other cuisine and it opens up a whole new world! Mezza is perfect for this!
At Mezza Train there are two options to order.  Straight off the train that chugs past you or for something hot and fresh off the grill you can choose from the menu which is cooked to order.


Perched on our comfy stools my eyes are darting along the train to see what was dished up. The first thing I notice is the sizable individual servings of pita, both fresh and crispy, for dipping.

We start with a fresh dish of shanklish with diced tomato.  Shanklish is an Arabic cow or sheep cheese that is aged and dried cheese.  typically rolled in zaatar or thyme and depending on age can vary to a soft mild flavour to a more robust, pungent flavour.  This one is crumbly and flavourful.
Baba Ghannouj.  Smoky and creamy.  Perfect with crispy pita to scoop it up with.

Something a little different to try.  Arnabeet.  This is fried cauliflower with tartour.

Off the menu we order fresh falafel.  The pickles are good too!
Sambousek.  Fresh out of the oil, these pastries are filled with minced beef with onions
Love a good kebbeh and these do not disappoint.
So many dishes to taste!  The restaurant also has a lovely bar so a glass of nice wine is a treat to have with your mezza.
Onto more dishes.  The labne with olives is tangy and creamy

The haloumi stack with watermelon, basil and mint was a surprise.  The salty haloumi paired with the sweet watermelon and a hint of herbs made this dish stand out.
There are a few options for shish kebabs, which are grilled to order .

We have the shish tawouk - a marinated cubed chicken breast

and finally finish with a kebab of Laham Mishwee.  Marinated lamb.


There is always room for dessert.  Wanting to finish with something not sweet is a little hard to come by so the Znoud El Sit is perfect.  It is crispy layers of  phillo pastry with creamy ashta filling.  This is an cream that is similar to clotted (or as close as you can get).

We dined mid week on a very rainy evening and it was very busy.  I can only imagine what it would be like on a weekend!  Great recommendation and one I will return to dine again.

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