Thursday, 24 November 2016

Rengaya @ North Sydney


Rengaya is not new to the restaurant scene having been in business for nearly 20 years. It’s reputation is clearly evident when all the tables are full by 6.30pm on a Monday night!

We are seated in one of the 3 main areas that are set in a ‘traditional’ style. There are 2 private dining areas that you can book if you want to have something more secluded.

 Shelves laden with old sake bottles make for great decor. 
In Japan BBQ is called Yakiniku and is a very social eating activity.  A grill/BBQ plate is placed in the centre of your table and you grill morsels of protein and vegies to your liking and dunk it into various sauces.  It's social and it go hand in hand with drinking. Beer, sake and cocktails are the norm. 

Chu Hai cocktails, rarely seen if at all in Sydney are a must! They are a refreshing mix of Chu Hai, fruit juice and soda served in a tall glass. Here it is served nama chūhai, meaning it is a DIY cocktail!

I have opted for orange and passionfruit one .After squeezing my own juice and mixing it myself and finding the right balance (ie all in!!).  It is light, fizzy and very refreshing!
I smile when our first dish arrives.   The premium wagyu beef sashimi is divine in it's simplicity. Six slices of well marbled raw wagyu is a beautiful site.  Atop crunchy shavings of daikon and served with fresh wasabi this is an awesome starter and the first time I have eaten raw wagyu. 
Check out that marbling!

To maximise the varieties of Wagyu we decide to try the Wagyu Amusement, comprising of a selection of (from left to right top row to bottom row) , Wagyu ribs, Wagyu loin, Wagyu oyster blade and Wagyu rib fingers and wagyu ox tongue.

and if you do not know your cuts of beef it comes with a handy list of which is what cut.
The loin and oyster blade are well marbled with a sprinkling of salt and pepper for a hint of flavour (not that this beef needs any assistance!)
ox Tongue (back pic) and rib fingers (front pic) look awesome. I cannot wait to try the ox tongue.
There is something fun and entertaining about BBQ’ing at your own table. Just do not forget about what you have on the grill and leave it to long.  You do not want to burn anything!
Placing pieces on that literally only take a minute or two to sear we wait......
Pork loin, slightly frozen and thinly cut are brought to the table along with milkfed lamb cutlets that look delicious.

We have ordered a bowl of Yukke bimiba, a Japanese dish similar to the Korean Bimibap served with raw Wagyu beef.


It is served in a piping hot stone bowl which you then stir all the ingredients together to make a lovely rice dish. 
The tender pieces of beef slightly cook through and the rice that has been on the base of the hot stone has gone crispy and crunchy.  This is comfort food and it is yummy!
We finish with a rich, hearty oxtail soup that is nourishing and warming.  A winner dish for next winter I reckon!
To finish off this fine meal a cold glass of sake is needed.  Otokoyama Junmai from Hokkaido is the choice tonight.  A huge sake bottle arrives table side and the cold crisp sake is poured into the small carafe with precision!
Visiting Rengaya was a delight.  I have never eaten Premium Wagyu beef before and I marvelled at the marbling of the meat.  If only I could could enjoy my steak as much as I enjoyed this meal!  Definitely recommend Rengaya.  I was surprised on how many people were there dining on a Monday night and clearly many regulars!
Thanks so much for the invitation!
*Roofood dined as a guest of Rengaya and Washoku Lovers

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