Friday, 12 May 2017

Phoodle @ Kingsford

Finally got to try out Phoodle at Kingsford.  It's been on my radar for some time and it did not disappoint!
Here we start with the salt and pepper tofu.  this was an instant win for me.  Hot crispy cubes of soft tofu with a spicy, salty topping.  Could have eaten this all to myself.
Banh Xeo is always on my radar.  I love the crispy crepe full of prawns, pork and beans sprouts wrapped in lettuce, herbs and a dip in a funky dipping sauce.  Phoodle's version is so tasty! 

The prawn rice paper rolls are fresh and filling.  the hoisin based sauce was very good and lots of peanuts you cannot go wrong.
Dinner here was a light affair before heading out for the night, but I will be back very soon with the Boy to try some more of those dishes and yes the salt and pepper tofu will be on the table again!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Yebisu Bar & Grill Haymarket

Over the past couple of years I have dined at Yebisu Izakaya in Regent Place (which you can read here and here) and have had great pleasure in eating there. 
Recently I was invited to dine at the newly opened Yebisu Bar & Grill on Dixon St in Haymarket. I was definitely keen to taste more of those yakitori from the open grill. On arrival you can take the stairs or the lift up to the first floor.  The walls have a very modern street vibe which reflects Japanese heritage, cultural and colour!
I love the wall art!

We have prime seating (aka the counter that runs along the front of the kitchen) giving us optimum kitchen views. Being able to watch the chefs grilling over the hot smoke grill, a sushi chef slicing super fresh fish and making up delectable looking plates of sashimi and sushi, the hustle and bustle of a working kitchen.
There is the sake cart which rolls around the restaurant with the traditional bells when you order.
Tonight we try the Aged Jozen mizuno gooshi – it is a mild sweet sake, easy drinking and lovely.

Ordering is simple via the ipad but that doesn’t actually make it any easier to order from a mouth watering selection. What to order!!???? 
I can’t resist the aroma of smoke and meat 
With beer there must be snackage so we order a bowl of the Lotus Root chips
These are seriously awesome drinking snacks. I still cannot figure out what spice is dusted on these lovelies. Does anyone know?
Chicken Skin (salt)
The chicken skin is half crispy and full of fatty flavour. The salt sprinkles on it make a good pop through the oiliness.
Pork & Kimuchi (salt)

This was a favourite. The pork is so tasty with a sprinkle of salt rolled around a mound of kimuchi, which is similar to the Korean kimchi but is milder in flavour. 
These freshly made balls were good. Good piece of octopus inside a ball topped with sauces, mayo and flakes of bonito flakes. First for the boy who appeared to like them.

and the dishes keep coming...... next up spicy karaage chicken

Pieces of spicy, juicy chicken fried to a delicious crunch is a winner!

Chicken skin with ponzu
This dish was crispier than the chicken skin skewer but after a few minutes swimming in the ponzu sauce became quite soggy. Definitely a dish to eat straight up!
Even though our bellies are full we muster up enough room for dessert.
Tempura Fried Icecream

I love a good deep fried ice cream so I was tempted by this dessert. This dessert was okay. The vanilla ice cream was creamy and the choc sauce was good, just that the tempura coating was not crispy or flavourful enough for my liking. Remember taste is subjective! 
I really enjoyed my dining experience.  I love nothing but watching a working kitchen (yeah Im a food geek) and the lovely dishes that came out of the kitchen.  

Thank you to Yebisu and Washoku Lovers for the kind invitation to dine at your new establishment. I would definitely recommend here for a night out in Chinatown. 

*Roofood dined as guests of Yebisu and Washoku Lovers

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