Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bali - Fabulous Sunset Bintangs and Snacks

Our first sunset was overlooking Legian beach where we find a great little restaurant/bar called Blue Ocean.  There is a shady tree and tables set with candles and lots of leafy plants around the place. Of course this is also a perfect place for the mosquitoes to hangout a dusk (but the kind staff bring a citronella/mozzie stick to sit under the table and the lemony waft of smoke swirls around our legs).

After a hot sunny day lazing around the pool we have worked up a thirst and the only way to quench it is with a cold Bintang, even my friend who is not a beer drinker downed a couple too!  A surprise snack is provided with the beer.  A couple of pieces of pita crackers are hidden in the basket along with freshly cooked (still warm) peanuts that have that salty/sweet balance to them that you find in bars all over Southeast Asian (and I have never been able to replicate at home!) but what I was interested in was the tempura leaves, which turn out to be a spinach leaf (that is what the staff tell me).  They are hot, crispy and crunchy and a perfect beer accompaniment.  Oh yeah, the sunset was great too! 

Bintang and beer snacks
Tempura style Spinach leaves and peanuts

We decide to stay on for a bite to eat and in keeping with eating local (which I will admit I didn't do the whole trip) I chose Nasi Campur.

nasi campur
(left clockwise: cucumber stuffed with vegetable (sushi style) chicken satay, fish, prawn crackers, beef rendang, red rice. served with 3 sambals and sauces)

Nasi campur is the Indonesian name for 'mixed rice'. Nasi meaning cooked rice and campur meaning mixed, This dish is a common and wide spread across Southeast Asia and goes by many local names, basically meaning mixed rice served with a number of meat/vegetable dishes on top.

In this case the Balinese style is served on a banana leaf in a big flat basket which has an egg, cucumber stuffed with fresh vegetables, a chicken satay stick, spicy/sweet fish with tofu, a prawn fritter, prawn crackers, tiny deep fried fish (which remind me of anchovies (but they are much larger), beef rendang and red rice in the middle. It is also served with 3 types of sambal and sauces (satay/a sambal of vegies and a fiery hot sauce).

Red rice or beras barak  is rice is perfectly cooked and has a nuttier flavour than normal white rice.

We end the evening off with a cocktail or two and listening to a Beatles tribute band at Mozzarella by the Sea.  A great little restaurant/cocktail bar (and crowded) overlooking the beach (from memory there are 3 Mozzarella venues around Legian/Seminyak).


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

EPCOT F&W 2010 - Day 3

Today was all about eating around the world. I literally spent the whole day eating around the F&W world showcase. I had challenged myself to eat at least one sample from each country's cart and I still had alot to get through. No breakfast and straight into chowing through it at 11am (when the F&W opens)

Why not start the day with some Central and South American flavours.
Roasted Corn & Cheese Empanada
Although the pastries was crispy and flaky, it was a little on the dry side and not enough filling in the middle. 
Grilled beef skewer with Chimichurri Sauce
Anything that you can eat off a stick is great in my opinion, easy food on the go and there is something raw and animalistic about ripping the meat off a stick.  The flavours in this beef were wonderful, the beef was tender and had a good char on it.  The chimichurri sauce paired well with the beef and offered and fresh lift to the dish.
Moving 'North' to Mexico I discovered Tamales, which I had not tasted before.
Tamal de Pollo (Chicken Tamales)
Never having had a tamale before, I wasn't sure what to was stodgy and starchy and was mild in flavour. Perhaps better in the real Mexico?
Esquilis (pan fried corn and cheese)
If my tummy had capacity to eat seconds of this dish I would be queueing up before you could say Ole!The corn was sweet and tender and the queso fresco (fresh Mexican cheese) on top was mild and fresh. Definitely a winner!
Jumping continents in a single leap (or a few steps) I was in China.
Pork Pot Stickers
As I was living in the Arabian Peninsula at the time, where I didn't eat pork very often (although you could buy it at the supermarket in a special 'porcine room' that was hidden away from local eyes (and I always felt prying eyes were judging my food choices! This trip I certainly was making up for my lack of porcine intake.  Lots of porky delights grabbed my attention. Every. Single, Time!   These pot stickers were moist and tasty.  The wheat wrapping was not to thick and they were steamed perfectly.
Xinjiang BBQ Chicken stick
Dry and flavourless - bad choice EPCOT
The sun was shining hot and hard down on my head and it was time to quench the thirst.
Green Tea Plum Slush 
This was not a F&W special, I got this from the Joy of Tea stand. It was very refreshing! Cold and slightly tart from the plum.

Wow, lots of 'travelling' today and over to another continent. (I sometimes wish travelling could be so easy and cheap...hahaha!)
Seared beef tenderloin with sweet potato puree
The beef was very meltingly tender for a 'low and slow' braise, but it was the sweet potato puree that won me over and the BBQ sauce had zing!
Back over to the Continent, Europe
Nuremberger sausage in Pretzel Roll
Now this is what I call a sausage!  When the sausage is twice the size as your roll your doing great.  I have always been in favour of the more protein, less bread ratio in a sandwich/roll and my eyes lit up.  I love the salty, crusty outer part of pretzel bread, but unfortunately my tummy doesn't enjoy it so much anymore.  I tend to steer clear of stodgy carbs nowadays (although do indulge occasionally).  The bite of pretzel bread I did allow myself was salty but not crusty so I focused on the sausage which was moist and tasty and the Bavarian mustard certainly had a kick to it!
Bake cheese ravioli, bolognese sauce
Oozy, hot, melted mozzarella on top of a huge ravioli, filled with a bolognese sauce.  How can you go wrong?
Beef kofta with pita
As I have previously mentioned, I had been living in the Middle East, Dubai in fact  and this kofta had big shoes to fill! Unfortunately it came up very short...dry, flavourless and just not nice at bite is all I took before binning it.
Iced Mint Tea
There is nothing better than a glass or two of hot mint tea after a great dinner. It aids in digestion and its very refreshing (and addictive). After visiting Morocco last year, and sitting through numerous tea making sessions I was curious about the mint iced tea....unfortunately another non-contender. If it had used a little more sugar and fresh mint leaves in the cup it would have made all the difference!
Steamed mussels with roasted garlic

I love mussels, but if you overcook them they become pieces of rubber....These, although full of garlicy flavour goodness, were overcooked and chewy....
 Godiva Chocolate Iced Coffee
Creamy, chocolate, coffee...but it could have been any type of chocolate used.
 Chicken Chipotle sausage with sweetcorn polenta
Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!  This dish was one of my favourites of the festival.  The sweetcorn polenta was creamy and just the right consistency.  The sausage was smoky and the roasted capsicum was charred perfectly.
Crispy filo pastry that was flaky, the filling was moist with a good balance of cheese and spinach.
 Beef & Corn Pie
Being my last dish of the day I have to say I was very disappointed...this was dry and crispy (obviously sitting around far to long) was a shame to finish off the countries with such a let down dish and if I could have possibly fit anything else in I would have gone back for something else, but I was at bursting point from the amount of dishes I sampled today.
I can definitely recommend the Epcot Food & Wine Festival for any foodie who also likes a bit of Disney Magic thrown in!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Yum Cha - Emperors Garden Restaurant

Today I'm heading to a travel writing workshop and find myself in the city to early. So u start to wander and find myself in Chinatown.

I'm like a walking devining rod seeking food and not water and usually wander towards food or at least a fresh food market!

I decide to have some green tea and perhaps just a nibble. Emperor's Garden is at the entrance to Chinatown (under the gates) and opposite Paddy's markets. It's crowded with people having breakfast before heading into the market. 

I am seated near the door and its breezy, but knowing its a quick eat its okay. 

I go for a steamer of har gao and spare ribs in black bean. That's all I can manage this morning. It's good. In fact I think the har gao beats the ones from Sky Phoenix! The spare ribs are surprisingly tender, not full of bones and little meat and not full of taro pieces, in fact there are 3 small pieces of fried tofu that have sucked up some of the tasty, oily sauce and are nice and chewy when bitten into.

Great for a quick dim sum brekkie when your on the move.


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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cajun Delights - researching for a week of eatin'

Preparing for my upcoming trip to the Caribbean and USA (in 5 months) with lots of food related research.  Would there be any other research that is so important?  Again, this upcoming trip has become very food centric and after many changes in plans and dates (my poor travel agent's head was swivelling on his neck and I'm sure his eyes were rolling back too!) I am travelling for a month and will be heading to Louisiana for 6 days.  Three of those nights will be in New Orleans and hopefully two will be in Lafayette.  I only wish I had more time because the more I research the more I want to move to stay in Louisiana!

Burying my head in research on all things eatin', the list is exciting and extensive. I'm trawlling blogs from the area, facebook pages, menus of local eateries, cooking classes, perusing cookbooks and reading as much as I possibly can on it.  I'm memorised! 

So much so that I'm day dreaming of crawfish boils, po boys, beignets and boudin (pronounced boo-dan) and I'm putting Tabasco sauce on all my food again!  Unfortunately I will not be there in crawfish season, but that's just another reason to return? 

There are two big events that happen in the South that have fascinated me. They are attending a Crawfish Boil and a Boucherie.  Perhaps I've watched to many episodes of Anthony Bourdain or Bizarre Foods but attending something that is so family or community orientated and nothing at all 'touristy' appeals to my palate.  Food is all about bringing family and friends together and should be celebrated.  Sharing food at a communal table is like a sharing your heart.  It brings a smile to my face when I am sitting with my loved ones, enjoying good food and good company.

I have stumbled upon a Cajun food tour in Lafayette which I am definitely signing up for. I will head over to Breaux Bridge for a bite and bit of exploration and will be heading down to Avery Island to visit the home of Tabasco and everything else in between!  I will also be catching up with a friend or two while I am there.

In New Orleans, the French Market is on the list of must visits and I am tossing up between two cooking classes. The 'spices/sauces to purchase' list is getting bigger.  There are a lot of products that I would like to take back with me.  Some of these are hard/non-existent in Oz.  The list of restaurants and eateries is longer than the number of meals I am in New Orleans for. I am considering a meal at Cochon or Herb Saint.  Donald Link's Real Cajun was the first cookbook I bought on Louisiana cuisine and I am kinda in love.  I have always had a fascination for the South, but I think it was this cookbook that started the real love affair (and I haven't even got there yet!)  There is something comforting about family recipes passed down through the ages and a real connection with the land and ingredients you are using.

There is so much more and so little time. *sigh*

If you are a local or have visited Louisiana before, any recommendations on what to eat and where to visit.  Any 'secret' local dining locations?  What's your favourite Cajun eat?

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Travel Photo of the Month - Fes

Introducing Travel Photo of the Month.  A new little segment that will be focused on....well obviously travel related photography, whether it's food focused or not.  This little blog of mine may be food related but will and has relied a lot on my travelling adventures.   So far I've been to 51 countries, so the portfolio of photos is large and varied.

Over the years I've become a bit of a food tourist but that's not always the main aim of a trip, it just sort of happens that way.  I enjoy all aspects of exploring the globe, just that the enjoyment and pleasure comes so much from the food culture of a country.  You will be amazed on how much you can learn about a country through its food culture and history. I still take all opportunities to see everything else and experience as much as I can.  It's a big world out there and there is much to discover and learn.

Moroccan Plates

These beautiful, handmade (and hand painted) pottery plates were for sale in a small co-operative shop outside of Marrakesh Fes. The intricate patterns are amazing and to watch the locals paint each piece is a true art form.  Each piece is unique and the artists are proud of their work (and so they should!). 

The only problem was having to choose one piece to bring home!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lentil, Chilli & Mint Soup

When I first began this little project, I was cooking and photographing the dishes more than I was posting them here...yeah I've said it before I was a slack blogger in the early days!  So it's time to dig out some of those recipes and post them! 

This soup is a winner for winter.  It's easy to pull together and perfect for a cold winters night.  I've adapted it from a Donna Hay recipe from her 10 Minute Meals cookbook (which I have a personal signed copy wishing me a Happy Birthday).

I am now focusing on my inner Donna stylist extrodinare. She makes things so delectable on a plate.  There's alot to learn.

I will admit that I cooked mine for nearly 20 minutes to get a smoother, softer lentil because 10 minutes didn't seem to really cook it and I played around with the spice level to suit my personal taste.

Red Lentil, chilli and mint soup


1 tbs vegetable oil
1 small brown onion, chopped
1 cup of red lentils
1 long red chilli, diced
1-2 tsp lemon rind, minced
1/2 tsp cumin
1 litre of chicken stock (you could use vegie stock)
handful of mint leaves, washed and chopped
greek yoghurt


Fry onion, chilli, lemon and cumin in oil
Add lentils and stock and bring to a boil
Simmer for about 15-20 minutes until smooth and creamy
Stir in mint
top with yoghurt and mint and serve

Monday, 20 May 2013

Bucket of Prawns

You just can't beat a sunny day in Sydney, people watching and looking at the the harbour and hoeing into a bucket of king prawns with a glass of cold crisp Savignon Blanc.  It's even better when you share it with a few family and friends.

I recently took advantage of one of those discount voucher websites offering a great deal.  I've had this deal a number of times before and it is well worth it.  2 buckets of prawns and a bottle of wine for 2 people for $29 at Blue Fish at Darling Harbour.  you like to browse these discount voucher websites, this is definitely worth the deal. The bucket of prawns on the menu go for $25, so the deal is certainly well worth it.

This time we were four people dining and we chose to sit just inside out of the sun, although the restaurant is wide open with floor to ceiling glass panels that slide open for optimal airflow.  The view is lovely overlooking Darling Harbour and the promenade offering a good place to people watch.

We opted to order the Damper and two bowl of chips to go along with our prawns and you have a choice between white or red wine.  I'm usually a red wine drinker, however eating prawns and eating during the day I think white is a better choice. 

Bottoms up Prawn Bucket

 "But more importantly... I'm naked, okay!"
Pepe the King Prawn, The Muppets' Wizard of Oz

When the buckets arrived they were freshly cooked and no additional seasoning or flavour enhancers, just naked prawns!  I will admit that today's offering were not as briny as past buckets but the flavours were still good.. and the addition of big dollops of tartare sauce helped.

Buckets of Prawns from past deals

Only one downside to this experience is that I find the service at this restaurant slow and inconsistent.  We always have to ask for plates or serviettes or even a finger bowl for our prawny scented fingers.  Don't get me wrong, the staff are mostly friendly just a bit on the slow and lazy side.  It appears that it is a very transient turn over of staff, which could possibly be a reason to why the service is that way.
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Friday, 17 May 2013

Dumpling lunch - Sky Phoenix - Westfield Sydney

Some days it just seems appropriate to get out of the office and have a nice sit down lunch and get away from the chaos.  Today was one of those days.  I felt like dumplings (after someone talking about it in the office yesterday) so I headed over to Sky Phoenix.  It was after noon and I thought that I may have left it a little to late as the line is usually out the door.  I was pleasantly surprised that there was no line, I had just beat the lunchtime rush.

In Cantonese, Yum Cha means to drink tea and goes hand in hand with Dim Sum which literally means to touch your heart and is traditionally small plates of snacks.

In Sydney (and else where for that matter) yum cha houses have a reputation of being a little rushed and the trolley ladies grumpy and abrupt (stereotypically) and I find that the trolley ladies at Sky Phoenix a little more so than most places.  I always feel extra rushed when dining here.  It's a huge noisy dining room filled with office workers and the trolley ladies rushing around trying to feed the masses.  It has a 'get in, eat and get out' feel to it.  I also find it is more 'westernised' meaning the dim sum is mild and recognisable to a western palate, also meaning you won't be finding any chicken feet, beef tendons (my favourite) or innards stew on the trolley here (although they do have tripe!).

What you do find though are perfectly plump dumplings full of prawns or pork and scented with garlic and chives, plates of roast pork, noodles, prawns and crabs, plates of greens in soy sauce and divine mango pancakes for dessert.

There are three yum cha dishes that are usually my 'go to' dish and I always judge a restaurant on the quality of these three dishes.  I usually try to have at least one of these dishes when I have Yum Cha.  They are Har Gao (prawn dumping), Sui Mai (Pork dumpling wrapped in wheat wrapper) and Spare Ribs in Black Bean Sauce. 

Dining alone at yum cha is limiting because there is only so much you can sample before being full (or you take a big doggy bag home).  I started with a bamboo steamer of fat dumplings filled with prawn, garlic and spinach.  They are juicy and full of garlicky flavour and I love the glutinous, chewy wrappers of the dumplings that seem stick to everything including the chopsticks and the baking paper circle in the bottom of the steamer making for a very challenging plate to mouth experience! 

Prawn, garlic and spinach dumpling
My second option was for Sui Mai (the one of three must eats), which are meaty but a little on the dry side and  I just had to have a mango pancake to round out the meal.

Sui Mai

I should learn my lesson though, when you see the trolley lady with the pancakes get them THEN AND THERE, do not wati until you finish ...I  waited and waited forever for the trolley lady to come by again.  At any other tea house I ALWAYS  have to finish off with a Daan Tart but at Sky Phoenix it has to be a mango pancake!

Lucious deep yellow pancakes wrapped around cold whipped cream and mango pieces.  Super cold and super tasty and refreshing..the perfect way to end any dim sum meal, well unless it was another yum cha house and a Daan tart!

Mango Pancake
As a solo eater I only ate four dumplings and one pancake (and super full!) and the rest are in a doggy bag in the fridge for dinner!

For a solo lunch it's pricey dim sum (especially the two pancakes) so obviously better to come in a group for a more varied experience, but it's the little occasional pleasures that keep a foodie going for a Friday afternoon in the office!

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My Plate: Red Duck Curry with Lychees and Sticky Rice

I was inspired to cook this dish for a mini dinner party (AKA me and a friend) the other night.  I had this dish on my list of must do's for awhile now and I knew it would be a perfect meal for the two of us, especially as it's getting a little cooler now.

I headed to Hurstville and decided to by half a roast duck from Mr Chao BBQ Meats on Forest Rd.  They had a window full of succulent, crispy, shiny skinned birds hanging in the window and a steady flow of customers out the door. Always a good sign!

Mr Chao BBQ Meats
A half duck is $14 (whole is $27) and you can have this prechopped (for ease) or not.  I opted not to so that I could have a go with my new meat cleaver at home!

I prepared all my ingredients before my friend arrived so all I had to do (after a bottle of Verve Cliquot and well into a bottle of Pinot Gris) was cook it.  Taste testing the balance of flavours was comical as I hadn't used all the coconut milk and cream and a my friend took a taste he nearly keeled over from the chilli I threw in the remaining coconut milk, some more sugar.  Once I added the tomatoes and lychees the flavours mellowed (although still had a kick that a red curry should have!)

I was super impressed with myself and the balance of flavours and the flavourful duck made for an elegant dinner....certainly will be adding this to the repetoire!

Red Curry Roast Duck with Lychees

Sticky Rice

This recipe was from a cookbook called The Food of Thailand.


1/2 chinese roast duck (chopped)
2 tbs red curry paste (I always use Maseri brand)
60ml coconut cream
440ml coconut milk
handful of cherry tomotoes
2 tbs brown sugar
2 tbs fish sauce
7 kaffir lime leaves (sliced finely)
1 tin of lychees
handful of Thai Basil leaves


Add coconut cream to wok and heat through until cream starts to seperate, about 5 minutes
Add red curry paste and mix through, simmer for about 2-3 minutes
Add coconut milk, fish sauce and brown sugar
Add duck
Add lychees and tomoatoes
Add lime leaf
(taste and add more fish sauce or sugar to balance the flavours)

Sticky Rice
2 cups of glutinous rice
Add rice to bowl and cover with cold water (about 5 cm above rice) and soak overnight
line a bamboo steamer with muslin cloth
drain rice and add to steamer
Bring saucepan of water to the boil and turn to simmer, place bamboo steamer over saucepan and steam rice for approx 35-40 minutes (or until cooked through).  Remember to check the water level and top up if boiling dry.  The rice will have an opaqueness to it  and not be gluggy.

WDW: Signature Dining - California Grill @ Contemporary Hotel

When I was planning my Walt Disney World stay, there was ALOT of planning to do regarding restaurants and bookings. If you wish to dine at the resort/park restaurants, particularly the more popular ones it's advisable to make a reservation and to make it 180 days early! Yep you heard me correctly! 180 days, that's 6 months (which is when the reservations open for your stay) and believe me when I say that this DO IT...this particular meal was the only night I could get a reservation at California Grill for the whole 2 week stay!.

This was the meal that I have been waiting for. For over a year. I had drooled over reviews of California Grill and I had a good idea what the recommended dishes should be sampled. On arrival I was whisked up the private lift and seated at a window seat but not facing the castle....but that is okay...I still had a great view and the sunset was amazing.

As I browsed the menu (even though I thought I knew what I was ordering) all my choices went out the window and I ended up ordering something totally different. Obviously my mood and my taste buds were opting for something else. The menu sounded delicious and I couldn't help ordering a flatbread, even though I knew I was going to try and fit in 3 courses.

Flatbread - Slow Roasted Suckling Pig with Heirloom Apple butter, cheddar, caramelized onions and cracklins'

Wonderful crispy flatbread, tasty and the cracklins' were great!

Dungeness Crab with Heirloom Melon, Piquillo Pepper Coulis, Basil, Seasme and Thai Vinaigrette

The crab was very refreshing and full of flavour and the thai vinaigrette was zingy! I really enjoyed this entree (appetizer) and perfect for something lighter.

Veal Chop with Potato Rosti, Chanterelle Heirloom Carrots, Salsify, Pearl Oinions, Carrot Puree, Madeira Jus

This came out and I thought 'WOW what a huge portion, what have I done?'. Once i sliced into it and took a couple of bites it was so tender and tasty but raw in the middle, even though I had asked for medium I descretely requested it to be cooked a little more. The second plate (and a whole new chop) came out and it was cooked perfectly.

I had to have a break between all the dishes. I watched the sunset and people watched. It was a really relaxing dinner. The restaurant is quiet and plush and easy to relax in. The staff are super attentative and I felt looked after but no over crowded.

I finished the meal off with the cheese platter.

Revpenaer V.S.O.P; Nancys Hudson Valley Camembert; La Yebera; Petetie Agour and Fourme d'Ambert

The accompaniments paired with each cheese was perfect. It was a wonderful way to end a meal.

The entire experience at California Grill was perfect. I found the over use of the world'heirloom' to be a bit much (up there with the overuse of the word Artisian), but it was a meal that I will always remember. I highly recommend it for a magical meal.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

WDW: Boma @ Animal Kingdom Lodge

After a full day in the Animal Kindgom, I made my way over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for a dinner reservation at Boma. An African inspired buffet restaurant that offers a taste of....well African flavours!

My server was very slow and I felt like I was just shoved in a corner, I can deal with that however and I made the most of it (and I could photograph my food and write notes without being stared at....but it's Disney and I think everyone is used to people using the camera at the dinner table!)

I sipped on a lovely South Africa red wine during dinner. It was a Fairview Pinotage and it was a good medium bodied wine and perfect with the food.
top clockwise - fufu; ancho chilli spare ribs; durban spiced chicken; salmon with olive chermoula; med rare strip loin with Masai Mara sauce; pap with chakalaka
The fufu has the consistency of polenta and is creamy, the ribs were excellent, juicy and tender and definitely a contender in the favourite stakes, the chicken was ok a bit dry, the salmon was tasty, the strip loin was melt in your mouth and the Masai Mara sauce which had pecans in it was interesting; the pap...ehh, but the chakalaka sauce that went with it was a good flavourful hit of spicy tomato!

 top clockwise - 3 dips (black olive, sundried tomato and white been hummous with lavosh); watermelon rind salad, chicken nugget, more ancho rib, salad with apple vinegarette, mac n cheese, peanut rice, lentil and palm of heart salad, felafel with yoghurt, with a side of ginger and carrot soup

Now remember lived in the Middle east so the dips and felafel were average, nice, but I have had much better in the desert. I was intrigued by the watermelon rind was different and a bit weird on the palate. The peanut rice was good and the ginger and carrot soup was very good. The other food offerings is your average buffet food.

top clockwise - more rib, peanut rice, vegetable couscous with fruit and nuts, tunisan couscous salad, strip loin with brown mustard sauce, salad with mango vinegarette, peanut couscous and seafood soup.
More ribs, they sure are tasty and the melody of mixed couscous dishes were well flavoured. Couscous tends to absorb the flavours that it is mixed with.

Dessert Plate - top clockwise - Peanut brittle mousse with peanut brittle, zebra dome, fruit cobbler, Kenyan coffee tart, cookies

I am not a big dessert person (I know shock, horror), I am definitely a savoury person but I had to give the famous Zebra Domes a thoughts...ehhh? The peanut brittle mousse was lovely, the coffee tart and cookies i could have missed, but in the spirit of a giving a full disclosure report on the food I had to have a nibble.

In true Disney style the atmosphere of the restaurant definitely has an African feel (if not a little disneyfied (but that's okay you are in Disney!), I was a little disappointed on the lack of service, but overall I enjoyed it...sometimes the food really does override the service! A buffet usually doesn't excite me in terms of quality of food, it was a typical buffet but the few selections that were 'themed' were very good. It is a very crowded restaurant so get there early!

Monday, 13 May 2013

WDW: Disney Snacks

I didn't have a lot of time for 'snacking around Walt Disney World' , what with all the other eating I was doing, I didn't have the room AT ALL, but I did make an exception for a few MUST HAVE'S (on my list).
These were spread over the 2 weeks holiday on days where I didn't eat as much! Hahaha...i felt like I was constantly eating the whole 2 weeks... who am I kidding!
In no particular order here are the snacks I had to eat

Mickey Ice Cream Cookie

Mini Corn Dog Bites - Casey's Corner


Mickey's Ice Cream Bar

Ice Cream Sandwich - Main St Bakery

Make Your Own Pretzel Rods - Goofy's Candy Company

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Trick or Treat Bag

 and just some photos of things that looked fantastic