Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Saigon Queen @ Darlinghurst

I did warn you that my 40th birthday celebrations just keep on going.  Since my birthday in June I have been enjoying all the wonderful food focussed gifts my beautiful generous friends have given me.  My friends really do know me very well!
One such gift was a dinner for two at Saigon Queen for a 3 course meal.  Inviting said friend, L, we ventured out to Oxford St one Friday evening for a few wines at Shady Pines Saloon before heading over to Saigon Queen for a bite.
We were advised to make a reservation, however we were one of only a handful of people. 
The restaurant is BYO and we had taken a bottle of Sav Blanc to enjoy.
We start off with springrolls.  They are hot, crispy, a little oily but in a good way and the filling is generous.  Overall these are pretty good.
We decide to go with a pho bo (beef pho) and fried pork chop.  The bowl of pho is massive and is steaming and wafting aromas of strong broth and herbage.   Definitely a feasting bowl!  A plate of beansprots, basil and chilli is served alongside.  Even for two people, this bowl is so huge I doubt we will put a dent in it. 

and we didn't..........
The fried pork chop is a little on the dry side but dipped in Nuoc Cham helps moisten it.  It is tasty enough though.

The aroma wafting from the pho bowl is enticing and I was looking forward to it.  I have big love for pho bo, however although above average, the broth was just to salty for my liking, which was a bit of a let down.  The tender slithers of rare beef melt in the mouth.

Even though we are both bursting at by the end of the 'main' course we cannot help ourselves to tasting the icecream for dessert.  We select the taro icecream and the cheese icecream.  Both are surprisingly pleasant (in fact I'm really not sure what I was expecting). 
Saigon Queen is a pleasant little restaurant on Oxford St.  The staff are friendly and it's convenient right in the heart of it all. I personally don't think I will return as I have a few other favourite Vietnamese restaurants that I would rather go to for my pho but it was a fun night out with my friend, catching up, a few laughs and getting out to try somewhere 'new'. 

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