Who's Roo?

A mid thirties girl, who has been travelling and living overseas for the good part of 15 years. I am a foodie at heart and over the years I have become more aware of the types of food and cooking skills and since travelling to many countries have taken a keen interest in the local cuisine. My passion is deepening and with that I would like to explore more about the culinary world. My favourite cuisine would have to be Asian (which I know is a broad range of cuisine considering the countries that fall under "Asia", however, I love all Asian from Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Chinese and Japanese). I'm also falling in love with the South (USA).  Cajun, Creole, Low Country cookin' is an exciting 'new' cuisine that is slowly being 'exported' around the world..

I am a keen amateur photographer and recently started taking photos of dishes when dining out, life in the markets and anything food related. Mostly my photography is travel based but keen to explore the world of food photography (there is a lot to learn).

I am addicted to cookbooks, particularly ones full of great recipes and wonderful photography and can spend hours reading and tagging recipes. Also I love to watch any type of cooking show, the food network, reading food blogs and watching reality cooking shows.

I am a very amateur cook who would like to learn the basics to more challenged cooking and everything that falls in between...I would like to document the good and the bad! I'll also post about my food related travels (which is basically all my travelling now).

I have no particular favourite chef or food author.  I read many food blogs. All I know is I want to put those cookbooks to good use!