Monday, 16 January 2017

Belfield on Botany @ Rosebery

Checking out Belfield on Botany at Rosebery has been on a list of burger wants for quite some time and I was a very happy person after visiting in October last year.
There are 10 burgers on offer along with sides and milkshakes.  Simply and easy.....
 The Boy opts for the mouth drooling B.W.A.  A double patty, double cheese, streaky bacon, onion rings and hot sauce burger that is dripping with excitement.  It's a winner.  He is a big fan!
The sides on offer include tater tots, sweet potato wedges, crinkle cut chips and deep fried mushrooms.
What do we go for?
A bucket of tater tots are the perfect accompaniment to a good juicy burger.
The deep fried mushrooms just took my dining experience to a whole other level.  These were amazing (and I really mean that).  I think these have just become my new favourite side dish! 
Plump, juicy mushrooms coated with an awesome crumb coating and deep fried to golden perfection.  Oh yum! 
I went with the Pork burger.  A unique concoction of a peanut butter pork patty, kimchi, green apple and mayo.  It was so gooooooood. 
We loved our burgers here.  we loved the mushrooms and the tater tots.  We loved it! We have been raving about those mushrooms for months and who doesn't love a good crispy, hot tater tot!
January 2017 rolls around.  It was our last day of our holidays, before heading back to work and we decided that we needed a burger and headed back for our second visit. We took up an offer for burgers, which are an awesome deal that include, a burger, side and a can of soft drink for $10.
The Boy opted for the classic Belfield burger consisting of a beef patty, cheese, rocket and Vegemite mayo.
Of course we couldn't pass up on a serve of tater tots and a serve of the deep fried mushrooms plus a side of crinkle cut chips!
Although the mushrooms were smaller (which got you more in the bucket *wink..wink*) they were still as tasty as ever.  The tater tots are exactly the same awesomeness and the crinkle cut fries are super crunchy and crispy. 
This time I went with the Mushroom burger which included a hash brown, rocket and aioli.  I was a little underwhelmed by this burger. 
Our burgers were 'okay'.  We weren't left drooling like last time.  We loved our mushrooms and tater tots and I love dining in at Belfields.  It was just the burgers didn't live up to the hype that we had on our first visit which left us wondering if it was an off day or things had changed (a few friends have commented lately too) - I hope not. 
Another visit is on the cards so we can decide.
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