Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Thai Elephant @ Padstow

Occassionally, we get out and about in the 'burbs.  This particuarly night was a Monday, remember the big storm and hail last week....yeah, I got out in it and headed over to Padstow to catch up with some fabulous girlfriends.  We were long overdue a catch up and a *little* rain and hail wasn't going to stop us (much).
We have actually dined at the Thai Elephant before, so it was good to dine here again and see how it compares.
Ms B always has to start with moneybags! Always.  These little crispy parcels are pure joy.  A good dollop of pork filling is very tasty indeed.
money bags

Another must do dish is the chicken and cashew.  Yes, it's a staple on all Thai menus, but it's always good.  What I really do love here at Thai Elephant is the abundance of veggies added into the dish.  No skimping on protein too.
always nuts about chicken and cashews
No Thai meal is complete without a curry.  Red beef curry tonight for us.  Rich, creamy and not to hot for a red curry, full of morsels of beef, crunchy green beans and slithers of bamboo shoot too.  Love a good red curry poured over rice which absorbs all the lovely sauce.

red curry beef

We go with something completely random and go with a lamb satay.  This was a really great choice.  The lamb is tender and tasty and the satay sauce is peanutty and well balanced.  Full of veggies too which is always a bonus with me.


enough for three?
This was a lovely mid week meal (okay beginning of the week) but it's always made better when shared with girlfriends.  Tonight there was laughter, tears and a few belly laughs and snorts and very much needed by all three of us!  Looking forward to getting together again very soon.  Where to next ladies?
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