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Rhodes Mezzanine - Dubai - 2011

As a food blogger the sometimes end up being more meals that don't make the blog as quick as we would like.  As a late comer to the food blogging world my list is long!  Hopefully one day I will get everything down in writing.  If not, there will be always another post waiting.
Anyway, I found myself sorting through photos over the weekend and I came across one of my last meals in Dubai before I moved back to Australia.   As a farewell dinner one of my dear friends (Miss B) (and her partner at the time) took me to Rhodes Mezzanine at Grosvenor House in Dubai and is still in the top 5 of my all time favourite meals.
Unfortunately, this award winning restaurant by the famous British chef Gary Rhodes closed in 2013, however he has opened a few other restuarants in the UAE and some exciting new ventures coming soon. 
We are seated at the end of the restaurant but I'm glad we are not seated in the private dining room.  seated in a glass room I would feel like I was an exhibit at the zoo or the aquarium!  I do loved the comfy, deep, plush red chairs at our table though
Seating arrangements and private dining room
We start the evening with a glass of bubbles to celebrate (comiserations of) my farewell.  Let's just say I am excited by what the next year holds for me but I am sad to be leaving some wonderful friends.

Miss B and Me

A tasting menu was the only way to go and as there are 2 options for most courses between the three of us we sample all (but one) of the dishes.
The meal commences with a canape platter.  From front to back of the plate we start with a cheese and caramelised pineapple stick, foie gras on gingerbread and a macerated grape and a salmon croquet monsieur.

Now this is where my memory is going to fail me somewhat as this meal was over three years ago and I was trying to be classy and not take notes...hahah!
However I do remember that the foie gras on the gingerbread was absolutely mind blowing.  I love the taste of fois gras and there is always a battle between my taste buds and my braining thinking about the ethics of it.  I'm always torn.
The bread rolls with whipped butter are delicious but I don't eat to much of it in order to not fill the belly with bread.
The amuse bouche is the famous white tomato soup, something I have had the privileged of sampling at the Taste of Dubai before and was looking forward to devouring again.  This flavour explosion in my mouth is amazing and the creamy velvetiness of this soup is outstanding....the concept of punch tomato flavours that are 'white' is mind boggling.... I want to learn to make it!

For our appetiser we go with the Foie Gras by way of a foie gras and smoked eel terrine with a homemade piccalilli.  It's so perfectly pretty on the plate.

Second course is a crab and baby spinach lasagna with crushed parsnips and hazelnut veloute.  The crab is sweet and tender hidden between two layers of soft pasta discs.  The nuttiness of the veloute is aromatic and light.

I opted for the steamed and tempura scallop with sweet corn cream, crisp shallots, tarragon and oyster mushrooms.  A plump scallop is hidden beneath a tempura fritter.  This dish was good but I think I preferred Miss B's crab!

We are still going strong....
For our main course there is roast fillet of beef with swiss chard and  a mini copper pot of truffle macaroni cheese.  The beef is medium rare and melts in your mouth and the mac n' cheese is ooey and gooey and the truffle is pungent and aromatic.  Truffle makes anything better!

I opt for the slow raost prok belly with smoked bacon hash and poached egg with hollandaise.  This reminds me of  very fancied up breakfast!!!!  Anything porky is always a winner (particulary as I don't eat it regularly since living in the UAE).
At the end of the savoury courses we are offered a cheese platter, where we can select 5 cheese from the huge array on offer from the cheese cart that they bring to the table.  Memory does fail me as I didn't list what we ended up choosing. 

Then it's time for dessert.  We all opt for something different.  There is Sticky toffee pudding souffle with toffee sauce and toffee ice cream.

and Iced lemon meringue with raspberries.....

I opted for the British Pudding plate which had bread and butter pudding, jam roly-poly and sticky toffee pudding.  I know we all had a bit of everything and it was all delicious. 

By now I know I'm heading for imminent food coma but the meal is not finished until the petit fours are served...An array of scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, mini rum baba and home made pistachio chocolate with almond flavour.

I'm feeling very overwhelmed with wonderful friendship, sadness of leaving, amazing generosity and maybe the all the food and wine was not helping the emotions!
A trip to the bathroom perked me up.  A decadent, crystal laden, bathroom to tinkle in....definitely a fine dining moment...
and then you can sit and powder your nose in the gorgeous ladies powder room

 It's a shame Rhodes Mezzanine has closed.  It was a wonderful meal shared with a wonderful dear friend.  It was a lovely farewell gift and a great way to end my time in Dubai.  The meal was truly amazingly delicious...........and I have the white tomato soup recipe!

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