Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Peacock Trattoria @ Kyle Bay

A friend had been raving about a restaurant for awhile and telling me we should go.  We were due a catchup so she organised a long lazy lunch (where she surprised me with other friends coming along).   Always up for a girly lunch!

Who would have thought that this gem of a restaurant would be found in the quiet suburb of Kyle Bay in the St George area.  Actually I shouldn't say that because it's these little neighbourhood gems that brings the locals together! So where is it?  It's the Peacock Trattoria in Kyle Bay. Nothing really reminded me of Trattoria nor Italian about it....but I loved it.  More contemporary bistro/cafe feel, with a colourful peacock adorning the walls and an open feel about the place it's inviting.

Upon arrival we are seated outside in the sunshine and the delightful and witty manager with his Irish lilt charmed us!  We all piled in to read the lunch menu off the board inside the restaurant with lots of suggestions and recommendations and in the end we basically decide to go with the 5 dishes he has recommended.  Talk about easy pickings! 

The rose is opened and poured, glass in hand all I can say is the afternoon was full of girly conversation, gossip and lots of laughs.  Definitely what I needed to restore the soul.  Girlfriends always put great  perspective on things!!!!
We start with the crispy duck salad.  The bitterness of the witlof and radicchio and the pepperiness of the watercress set off rich, crispy duck pieces.  The toasty hazelnuts scattered throughout add some crunch and the sweet vino cotto dressing is sticky and light.

Crispy duck salad with pear, watercress, witlof, radicchio, hazelnuts and vino cotto

This daily special was thrown in as a contender at the last minute.  I love Balmain bug but find there just never is enough.  Two bugs cut in half and deep fried, was crispy, hot and the bug was tender and sweet, but as I said never enough. The egg, avocado salsa was creamy and very surprisingly good with the bug meat.  I like the presentation in the wooden box.

Daily Special - Bug fritters with an avocado, egg and broad bean salsa
I wasn't enthused about the roast peppers when I read it on the menu but the mixture of  saltcod stuffed into the peppers and a puree was a surprise.  The grilled octopus in the sauce made it even better!  The peppers were sweet and tender.

Roast baby peppers with salt cod, chickpea, grilled octopus and salsa crudo

We have obviously gone with a seafood theme (which I have just realised) and these scallops do not disappoint.
The scallops are charred and just cooked through perfectly (like they should be) on top of a bed of jerusaleum artichoke, spiced purple cauliflower and broadbeans.  I will admit I think this is the first time I've had jerusaleum artichoke and I'm hooked.  Definitely would like to have that again.  In fact, I'd definitely have this dish again!
Sicilian scallops, jerusalem artichoke, spiced cauliflower and broadbeans
Everyone was keen on the Pepperoni Pig pizza and who could argue?   Cubes of chilli roasted pork, pepperoni, asiago cheese and tomato sauce.  Rustic, crispy and moreish!  A winner.

Pepperoni Pig Pizza with chllli roasted pork, pepperoni, asiago and tomato

There may have been another bottle of wine opened at some point and we were definitely enjoying the moment with a long over due catchup.  Girls lunches are always fun and full of laughs.  We were enticed by the dessert options, but were way to full to fit it in....which is a shame, because they sounded delicious....just more reason to return....
Note that it is cash only and there are no ATM's around, so come prepared.  It's very reasonably priced.  It's BYO as well as offering a range of wines too.  I have to agree with their motto too...'it's all about the food'
Definitely one of those neighbourhood gems that I would love to come back too.  I am now working on a list of other little hidden gems in around the 'burbs.  What's your neighbourhood gem?
Bellies full and laughs continuing....I do know that we decided to continue on at the Kyle Bar Bowling Club for more drinks well into the evening (because we're classy like that).....but that's another story!!!!

Selfies at the Bowlo

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