Friday, 1 August 2014

Brewtown Newtown

Brewtown Newtown - the new hip cafe on the Newtown scene causing a stir (for good reason).  Found in an old brick warehouse down a narrow laneway off King Street this cafe is buzzing on a Sunday morning (as it is most days).

We arrive at around 10am but are lucky enough to get there just at the right time to score a seat at the communal bench at the front.  A few minutes later would have left us queueing up outside.

I like the complimentary glasses of sparkling water to start with while perusing the menu.  The whole menu is available all day including lunch for breakfast/brunch.  Perched at the communal table, although full, doesn't make me feel crowded or intruded upon.  It's a nice homely feel.  Papers strewn across the middle, everyone just chatting amongst themselves, having a leisurely breakfast.  Even though it's busy I didnt' feel like I was being rushed out. 

I'm taken by the display of cronuts on the counter but decide that I'm better off eating a  off the menu first. 

 A skim cappuccino for me and it's good. 

Offering a seasonal paddock to plate style menu my friend M is drawn to the corned beef hash with garden peas, poached egg and parmesan crumbs (this girls is obsessed with peas!) she also goes with a side of Canadian bacon (being a girl from Quebec living in Dubai vising Oz she needs a slice of home (along with getting a pork fix wherever she can on this trip LOL)

I end up going with the Elvis burger, which is on the lunch menu.  I did consider tasting something that hasn't been widely reviewed, but alas a savoury cronut, bacon and cheese just grabs me.  I can't help myself.

This is delicious, however the savoury cronut is too oily and bit much for me.  The beef patty is juicy and full of flavour.  The chunky chips are crispy, hot and delicous and dipped in the awesome relish (I want more of that!).
After a bite head upstairs to Stanley St Merchants for a spot of shopping.
I'm eyeing off those cronuts on the counter as we leave....but they will need to wait for my next visit.
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  1. So many delicious treats. The Elvis burger does sound crazy tempting, but a shame the cronut was on the oily side.

  2. shame about the oily elvis burger, im super in love with their cinnamon cronuts tho!

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