Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, La Pizza and Devine Gelato @ Cairns

The only thing we wanted to do and see on our first day in Cairns was jump on a catamaran and head out to the Great Barrier Reef.  Of course this just also happened to be one of the worst days to do so in the week we were up North...But we decided to still go out.

Overcast, cool and with threats of rain we boarded our vessel and sat out on the top deck for tea and muffins trying to catch the small amount of rays that were trying to shine through the clouds. 

choc chip muffins

Once we headed out to sea, we had to move inside.  30 knot winds and bouncing around the sea is not ideal (let's just say that for someone that never really feels seasick spent most of the trip out to the reef sitting on the back of the boat a little green!).

However, once we did reach the reef, things calmed a little and managed to spend a good couple of hours in the water, although quite choppy, the water was a warm 25 degrees (warmer in than out of the water) and we snorkeled around Milln and Flynn reef.

We swam with huge green turtles, saw a reef shark, a lagoon ray plenty of fish and some amazing coral (and yes we goofed around some with the photographer).
guess where I am?

snorkeling the reef

We got to meet this little (okay large) fella...goes by the name Dustin and/or Nigel depending on who you speak to.  He is a Napolean Wrasse and very friendly.

meet Dustin
We did manage a bite to eat, which was served buffet style.  A few local prawns, sushi, rice, chicken, stew and some salad.  It was basic stuff but tasty enough, however I really didn't have much of an appetite and barely touched it.

buffet offerings
After a fabulous day out, we had a few drinks and nibbles on our balcony overlooking the mangroves of Cairns.  I could easily get used to this. 

olives, dips, cheese and crackers with a vodka soda

For dinner we headed to La Pizza on the Esplanade, along with all the hordes of tourists, backpackers, families and the general population.  This place gets busy.

A few wines, some good conversation and we shared a pizza.  The menu offered to many wonderful toppings and we ended up with a half/half with Zucca and Alagnello.

The Zucca side had tomato, mozzarella, roasted pumpkin, feta, pine nuts and fresh rosemary.  The Alagnello had tomato, marinated lamb, red onion and red peppers topped with tzatziki sauce.  The pizza base was thin and crispy and held up with the delicious toppings.

gelato makes me happy
No night out is complete without gelato, so we headed up the road to Devine Gelato which is voted number 1 on Tripadviser. 

Epic fail on my part - but I don't seem to remember exactly what we ordered.  I think Mr C had caramel and something and I had a scoop of macadamia and a hazelnut one (I think)....boohoo.  It was creamy and very tasty, but I was just to full after (sharing) a pizza....

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  1. Wow. The GBR is definitely on my bucket list - so worried that soon it might just disappear!