Thursday, 20 March 2014

Taste of Sydney 2014

I've been a big fan of Taste for many years, having visited Taste of Dubai three years in a row.  However, I haven't had the privilege to get to Taste of Sydney so far.  This year was different though and I eagerly headed out rain, hail or shine (literally) this year on Sunday with a friend.

On our way to our first stop.  The Garden Bar and Cake Wines Bar.

We arrived just before opening at 12 noon with blue skies and sunny weather. How drastically did that change. By the time we walked directly to our first stop at Chur Burger it was absolutely pouring down. The weather turned that fast but it didn't deter our tasting efforts.

yummy burgers
I am a bit behind the times with Chur Burger, as I haven't had the opportunity to eat there yet, so I took the opportunity today to sample.  I will definitely be visiting very soon.  The crispy pork belly with chilli caramel, aioli and mint slaw was awesome and the special event Kinkawooka mussel fritter with spiced remoulade and dill pickled cucumber was pretty good too.  But the pork belly won.

We actually didn't have Chow Bar and Eating House on our list of must tries, but seeing how much it was raining and we didn't have ponchos handy yet, we decided that something sweet would help brighten our day as the pandan and wattleseed doughnut caught our eye.  The boys there are super friendly and we were contemplating adding the noodle dish...but there is to many other dishes that we must the doughnut is it. 

chow offerings
I really liked this doughnut.  Crispy outside with fluffy innards and the pandan cream was light and tasty.  Flaky coconut on top and the cinnamon and sugar coating was perfect. 

cinnamon sugar doughnuts are the bomb
Time to dash out into the rain (or drizzle at this point) to the Beer and Cider Hall (you know because we JUST HAD to get out of the rain and then it poured.  I choose to sample a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (for 2 crowns).  This was a very hoppy beer and not really to my tasting.  I try Pale Ale quiet often but never really enjoy it.

pale ale tastings
Muse Restaurant was a must do as I am heading to the Hunter Valley in a few weeks and still deciding on the dining list.  Opting for something carb free we tasted the Hirmasa kingfish ceviche with watermelon, ginger, lovedale fingerlime, chilli and coriander.  This dish is very refreshing and the kingfish is super fresh and light and so tender.  Muse Restaurant is a contender for the Hunter Valley trip.

We are woo'd to the Country Kitchen on a promise of some good steak, a cooking demo and ponchos.  You had me at ponchos!  We pull up a hay bale and watch a demo with the Target 100 farmers, learning all about cattle farming.  They whip up a great steak dish with caramelised onions, awesome thick yoghurt sauce with herbs on a wonderful fluffy flat bread.  There are only five of us watching so we get to ho into the dish! 


The rain has eased and we head to Efendy (yet another place I haven't gotten to yet) - you know a food blogger has an never ending must do list....and I find I just never get through it!  We are starting to feel full, even though we have been sharing our samples (for maximum tasting value)..but we seem to be lagging.  We opt for the duck, haloumi and wild weeds gozleme with barberries.

Crispy pastry envelops pieces of succulent duck, melted haloumi and greens.  pretty tasty little package.

I seem to be carb loading today and I am drawn to Bloodwood for polenta chips with gorgonzola sauce.  I'll's the first time that I have had polenta chips.  I have only ever eaten polenta soft.

I'm in heaven!  These are gorgeous sticks of polenta and the gorgonzola sauce is strong and bitey and oh so delicious.

polenta chips

We are nearing the stomach capacity and still have about $30 worth of crowns!  How are we going to use them when we are so near full.  We both decide that a stop at 4Fourteen is needed for the suckling pig with smoked potato salad and crushed apples

here piggy piggy

A brief stop at the Dilmah Tea room for a quick refresher and I get talking to Peter Kuruvita. I will admit I was a little celeb star struck, but it was a great conversation about Dilmah tea, travelling and of course food, amongst other things.  Lovely guy and I'm so glad I got to meet him.  He is a great ambassador for Dilmah.

meeting Peter Kuruvita

My only regret was that I didn't get to stop off at IconPark to test the dishes.  I honestly was so full beyond bursting.  Next year I think I'll be up for two sessions, or more people sharing my dishes!

Thanks Taste of Sydney for a great day out, regardless of the rain. I'll we be back next year for more eats and (more) drinks next year. 

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