Monday, 6 January 2014

Cruising the Southern Caribbean - Carnival Valor - Day 4 - Barbados and the Boatyard

Feeling rough again today.  So much for a relaxing and rejuvenating cruise.  I'm a party animal and loving it....sleep will come some other time.
We are in Barbados today and heading to the Boatyard.  Party central apparently.  Off to fuel the body before heading off the ship.  Another breakfast of bacon, eggs and bagels.  I don't recommend the scrambled eggs.  What is with American Bacon?  It is the bomb!  love it.
standard buffet breakfast
A quick taxi ride over to the Boatyard where we find a warm and inviting beach bar with lots of lounges and beautiful white sandy beaches and the clearest water I've ever seen.  a day here is going to be fabulous.  It's a cover charge bar but this includes a free drink, a lounger and umbrella, wifi in the bar area and the taxi ride back to the docks.
This is how we are welcomed. Hello! my kind of special I reckon.

I am definitely a Pirate. Arrgh me hearties, I'm home!
Sampling a  free Shark Bite in the funky open bar.  Great tunes playing in the background and a fun vibe.  This is the bar where I'm doing tequila pours off later!
A shark bite is a mix of passoa, Mount Gay White Rum (the famous, local rum) and orange and pineapple juice.  To be honest I don't think there was that much alcohol in the freebies but it was refreshing and tasty.

Boatyard Bar
Propping up the bar (but let me just add, I wasn't the one later in the day that was propping up the bar - yes it ended up being a huge day and having to drag certain friends back onto the bus! But I'm not mentioning any names.
Lazing on the beach taking in the view (who could get sick of that blue water in the background), the locals wandered along selling their wares.  We weren't interested until this guy came along and cut us some fresh aloe vera juice for our delicate white skin (which was by now turning a love shade of red!)

Fresh Aloe Vera juice
Into the shade and some cool beverages, I decided to switch to the local beer. Carib time!

Carib Lager - perfect sunny weather drink
A MUST try in Barbados is a famous flying fish burger.  These fish really do 'fly' across the water and are very tasty in between a bun with some lettuce.

Flying Fish Burger
It certainly is an entertaining beach spot.  Yes I didn't see any of the Island, but this is one place that I would definitely come back to stay!
When we finally did manage to get back on board the ship, we hung out and had a cocktail (because you know we hadn't already had enough right?) - I just love this drink.

Miami vice

I joined one of the girls tonight for dinner in the other dining room.  I opted for the 'Study in Sushi' (seared ahi tuna, ebi shrimp and norwegian salmon tartar with soy sauce. Epic fail. Was not nice at all. First and only real bad choice of the cruise.

A study in Sushi (they need to learn to make it better)
The main was a better choice but the sauce was very rich. Tasty, but very rich and spicy. Jerked pork loin, marinated in island psices and hersbs with fried rice and crisp garlic green beans.

Jerked Pork Loin and fried rice
Now I have either been in the sun to long today or drank to much (or a combination of both!) and I just couldn't eat much tonight.
So we shared a dessert.  Much better and not so wasted.  We shared this warm fig, date and cinnamon cake with rum raisin icecream.  Perfect ending to the meal.

Warm fig, date and cinnamon cake with rum raisin icecream

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  1. Oh no. nothing worse than bad sushi! And lol when I first saw your pic of the aloe for juice I thought you were going to drink it! haha. I do love that stuff - for drinking and post-sun application!