Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Cruising the Southern Caribbean - Carnival Valor - Day 7 - St Martin

This morning I needed something a little more civil and headed to the dining room for eggs benedict, bacon and hashbrowns.  Exactly what I needed.  Late nights, partying, alcohol and not enough relaxation is catching up with me.
egg's benedict - better than the first day
Of course that didn't stop me on our last day which happened to be St Martin.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the weather was perfect for one more last day lazing on a beach.  We decided to stay on the Dutch side of the Island (and thankful that we made that decision because it rained all day on the other side, not that you would have known that from looking out your porthole!). 
buckets of beer

this is the life - a girl can get used to this sand and water!
These two pictures basically summed up our day (these are the edited photos).  Let's just say that with that bucket of beer came free vodka jelly shots (more than our fair share) and it was my turn to go a little wild with the alcohol.  Beer, Vodka and Sun are not a good mix! - but we had fun!
After our big day playing on the beach, I did manage to get back to the ship and shower and dress for dinner (and more drinks (although they were non alchoholic for a good part of the night).  Not sure how I managed to stay upright - the bar was a good support - LOL!
Dinner was a bit of a challenge (as in trying to stay away and focus) but once I got some food into me I was doing better. I didn't over do it tonight (for a change).
Entree choice tonight was New England Crab Cake.  I wanted to see how this one compared to Scarlett's.  I will admit that I preferred this one.
New England Crab Cake
Last choice on the Didja menu as Frog Legs in provencale herb butter with garlic bread.  I've eaten frogs legs before and these were done well.  Tender, lots of meat (they must of been big frog legs) and herby butter.
Finally I decided to go with the regular menu and opted for a very healthy broiled (grilled) atlantic salmon fillet with steamed vegies.

Shock horror....I didn't do dessert or cheese.
Saying goodbye to my lovely waiters and leaving big tips for them. I said my farewells.  The staff on board really do take care of their guests and I will always remember my first cruise with Carnival and the staff, that helped make this holiday very memorable.
The food on board Carnival was better than I expected.  There is so much variety and options over the course of the week.  Yes, there were lunch buffets and menus that I missed out on because I was exploring the Islands (or laying on a beach) but that's okay.  I think I'll be doing another Carnival cruise in the future.

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