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Cruising the Southern Caribbean - Carnival Valor - Day 6 - St Kitts (and Scarlett's Steak House)

Today was another beach day.  St Kitts is seriously very different from any of the other islands.  It's lush and green yes, but the beaches have darker sand and the water is green (not the crystal clear blue).  I'm loving the vibe and atmosphere here, it's more relaxed and quiet....that my have been the beach we were hanging out on.  Reggae beach with hints of Nevis in the peripheral was the perfect quiet spot to chill out for a few hours. 

Rush slowly - love it

Lovely little Reggae beach
Lunch options were your typical american/island fare.  Nothing was really that appealing except for the conch fritters. Conch is definitely and Island must eat (when in season).  These were hot and crispy and incredibly tender - conch can have a tendency to be rubber and tough if overcooked. 
conch fritters
After cocktails and sun and swimming and relaxing and a then a wander around the shops at the docks...we got back on the ship and had a few more cocktails!
Then I had made dinner reservations at Scarlett's Steakhouse.  This was the fine dining option on the ship and for an extra $35 you can dine here. I was looking forward to this - but knew that I wouldn't be able to do justice to a full 3 course meal (with slabs of meat) but I'm going to give it a go.
Amuse Bouche- green pea veloute with lobster bisque.
Tiny taste (which of course is what an amuse bouche is all about) certainly got my taste buds excited. 
Radioactive pea veloute 
Brioche rolls with brushetta and olive tapenade and butter

fancy bread and butter
First entree was lobster bisque with vintage cognac, fleuron and fresh cream.  So what's a fleuron? - It's french for a fancy piece of baked puff pastry - that's what's floating on top of the lobster bisque. This was creamy and and smooth but didn't punch as much flavour as I had expected. Still it was a lovely dish. 

Second entree (told you I was going to try and do justice to the menu) - New England crab cake.  This was just okay.  It was a bit mushy for my taste.  I tend to like my crab cakes a little more crispier.  There was enough crab in it but it was just a little mushy/pasty for my palette. A bit of a disappointment really.
New England Crab Cake
Choosing the main was harder than I expected. I'm presented with the above selection that is on show of all the cuts and offerings. I knew I was going to be near full with my entree choices and I was tossing up between a few steaks....
Meat Trolley
then I saw the Grilled Cowboy steak (which is a rib chop) served at another table and I could not resist.  Yes I knew I was never going to eat an 18 oz (500grams) steak on my own (especially after the other previous dishes).  But Rib Chop? It had to be done.  Medium rare, just like I love it.  This was perfectly charred and so tender and juicy.
Slab of cow
Bursting point but I'm in a fancy restaurant and paying extra for this meal on board.  I needed a palette cleanser so I opted for this champagne sorbet.  Just enough to taste.
Champagne sorbet

Scarlett's is an open kitchen, perfect for any foodie (blogger) and they are more than happy for you to watch them prepare and cook.

After my lovely meal (and I can recommend dining here on ship at an extra cost at least for one night (just don't do it on a formal night as the main dining rooms have special on for those nights like lobster and prime rib) I joined my lovely new friends for cocktails and dancing.  After hours of partying way to much again, I headed to the 24 hour pizza parlour on the back deck of the ship.  Here you can order by the slice (or half a pizza) or you can make your own and have the whole one to yourself.  This is a mozzarella, garlic  and rocket pizza.  In true US style you can add chilli flakes and Parmesan to it afterwards.  It's very good pizza and perfect to sop up the cocktail dregs.

yummy 24 hour pizza on board

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