Tuesday, 14 May 2013

WDW: Boma @ Animal Kingdom Lodge

After a full day in the Animal Kindgom, I made my way over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for a dinner reservation at Boma. An African inspired buffet restaurant that offers a taste of....well African flavours!

My server was very slow and I felt like I was just shoved in a corner, I can deal with that however and I made the most of it (and I could photograph my food and write notes without being stared at....but it's Disney and I think everyone is used to people using the camera at the dinner table!)

I sipped on a lovely South Africa red wine during dinner. It was a Fairview Pinotage and it was a good medium bodied wine and perfect with the food.
top clockwise - fufu; ancho chilli spare ribs; durban spiced chicken; salmon with olive chermoula; med rare strip loin with Masai Mara sauce; pap with chakalaka
The fufu has the consistency of polenta and is creamy, the ribs were excellent, juicy and tender and definitely a contender in the favourite stakes, the chicken was ok a bit dry, the salmon was tasty, the strip loin was melt in your mouth and the Masai Mara sauce which had pecans in it was interesting; the pap...ehh, but the chakalaka sauce that went with it was a good flavourful hit of spicy tomato!

 top clockwise - 3 dips (black olive, sundried tomato and white been hummous with lavosh); watermelon rind salad, chicken nugget, more ancho rib, salad with apple vinegarette, mac n cheese, peanut rice, lentil and palm of heart salad, felafel with yoghurt, with a side of ginger and carrot soup

Now remember lived in the Middle east so the dips and felafel were average, nice, but I have had much better in the desert. I was intrigued by the watermelon rind salad...it was different and a bit weird on the palate. The peanut rice was good and the ginger and carrot soup was very good. The other food offerings is your average buffet food.

top clockwise - more rib, peanut rice, vegetable couscous with fruit and nuts, tunisan couscous salad, strip loin with brown mustard sauce, salad with mango vinegarette, peanut couscous and seafood soup.
More ribs, they sure are tasty and the melody of mixed couscous dishes were well flavoured. Couscous tends to absorb the flavours that it is mixed with.

Dessert Plate - top clockwise - Peanut brittle mousse with peanut brittle, zebra dome, fruit cobbler, Kenyan coffee tart, cookies

I am not a big dessert person (I know shock, horror), I am definitely a savoury person but I had to give the famous Zebra Domes a try...my thoughts...ehhh? The peanut brittle mousse was lovely, the coffee tart and cookies i could have missed, but in the spirit of a giving a full disclosure report on the food I had to have a nibble.

In true Disney style the atmosphere of the restaurant definitely has an African feel (if not a little disneyfied (but that's okay you are in Disney!), I was a little disappointed on the lack of service, but overall I enjoyed it...sometimes the food really does override the service! A buffet usually doesn't excite me in terms of quality of food, it was a typical buffet but the few selections that were 'themed' were very good. It is a very crowded restaurant so get there early!

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