Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The resurrection of the blog and a facebook page

I've decided that this blog space has been sporadic enough.  With the view of me actually writing and taking photos I keep telling myself to focus on it but time just gets away from me and I never seem to really focus on it.... ..I've procrastinated far to long...it's now time to actually pull my finger out and do it more often. 

I have plenty of photos and material to occupy the space for sometime.....so I'm going to dig deep into the memories and photo archives of some delicious travel eats and start posting.

To go along with this 'new/old/resurrected' project I've also created a facebook page to go along with it....so you can follow me there to.  Mainly covering photos of My Plate, which is a project that I like to do when I'm dining out or cooking at home...

Please support my endeavours in the culinary eating world that I love so much!

Here is a link to my page Roofood.  I hope you will pop over and visit!

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