Monday, 4 January 2016

The Butler @ Potts Point

We found ourselves amongst a handful of other diners having a long leisurely lunch at The Butler in Potts Point a few weeks back and was pleasantly surprised on the relaxing atmosphere and laid back feel this place is.
Heading on down the stairs to the main restaurant I have a flashback to the 70's with wicker furniture and green foliage painted on the walls.  It is actually very welcoming!

With an airy, bright balcony out the back overlooking the city you cannot go wrong if you are looking for a great mid week lunch spot.  
With a glass of Piper Heidsieck in hand, our group decides on The Butlers Banquet (makes it easy with a group of 8 or more). 

Pita crisps, avocado & white bean dips


The avocado is creamy and the white bean dip is really good, it's just a pity that the pita chips were a little over cooked.
Fried chick pea & caraway bites with aioli

when this dish arrived I actually thought they were deep tried tofu but once you bit into the square it was anything but.  Fluffy nutty pillows dipped in the rich creamy aoili were lovely.  I am not a big fan of caraway seeds but this worked.
Everyone was looking forward to the next dish.
Tabasco prawns with mango salsa, coconut and quinoa

Plump prawns swimming in a mango and coconut sauce.  Very tropical, summery dish.  This was were delicious. 
Spiced beef slider with creole mayo

The sliders were pretty good but I wasn't a fan of alfalfa sprouts on my burger.  In my personal opinion they don't belong on a burger....just saying.  Other than that it was pretty tasty.
Whole blackened chicken, black beans, corn, tomatillo salsa

The chicken was so juicy and tender it was falling off the bone and I loved the tomatillo salsa with a decent kick of heat.  This was a winner dish for me.
I unfortunately didn't take photos of the remaining two dishes (big foodie fail!).  It was the Caribbean spiced pork short ribs and green papaya salad and the green beans, lentil and fetta.  They were good dishes.  The pork was fork tender and again falling off the bone.  They had a great smokiness to them and the green papaya salad was zesty and fresh and cut through the richness of the pork. I know I didn't try the beans as I was so full.
Honestly, I was surprised that the Butler wasn't more busy but then it is mid week and perhaps not being in the city made a different.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed being here and enjoying the view and the food and a long leisurely lunch.

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