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A new season means new produce @ Ramsgate Foodies Market

Over the past few months I have become a regular at Ramsgate Foodies Market on a Saturday morning.  I love getting up early and making my way down to the markets for fresh produce, tasty treats and a chat with the lovely stall owners.
I often spend 2 hours or more shopping and when I say shopping I mean talking and exploring....I could do my shopping my 15 minutes if I raced through!  I'm not complaining.  I really love the feel of the community spirit at these markets.
Since my last post on Ramsgate Foodies Markets, the season has changed, which means new seasonal produce is being sold.
A few of my regulars stalls where I stop to have a chat are testing out new products too using the fresh seasonal produce on offer. I always stop off at Pochito for a freshly baked Chilien Empanada. 
I have to say, the 'new' prawn in white wine and cheese sauce has become a must have but if you are a traditionalist you can't go wrong with the beef or even the spinach and ricotta.  Either way, these are the best street snack you can have.  Served hot and crispy straight from the oven, they definitely hit the spot!
There are some other treats on offer too.  If you like a little sweet pastry the calzones rotos (which means torn undies) are delicious sprinkled with icing sugar.  Grab a coffee over at Columbian Connection and you have a fabulous little breakfast.  Sit on the grass and soak in the atmosphere.

However, there was one new item that has intrigued me and it's Humitas.  A fresh corn tamale!
Fresh corn, onion and basil they are wrapped in corn husks and steamed.  They may not look as appetising as they taste...but delve into a steaming envelope and you won't be disappointed.
A new comer to the markets is Ferment It.  I am a bit naïve when it comes to the benefits of fermented food.  The food trend at the moment is all about preserving and fermentation, everyone seems to be doing it or eating it.  Is it a fad or a passing trend?  Who really knows.  Saying that, fermentation and preservation has been around for hundreds of years, it is not 'new' and there is a big following.  After chatting about it, I come to learn that there is a lot of health benefits surrounding fermented foods and after doing some more research, I'm intrigued.  It's not just about preserving food for long winter months or shelf life....in fact there is a string of health benefits that can come from it.  Check out Ferment It's website for more details.
Some of the benefits of eating raw fermented food is that it has live (good) bacteria and is packed with pre- and probiotics that are good for the gut.  It aids digestion and can strengthen the immune system (to name but only a few benefits).
Ferment it uses raw, organic fruits and vegetables blended with herbs and spices and special blends of salts.  Not only is Kimichi and sauerkraut very good (which both are probably the most known fermented food around) Ferment it also do Mango, Lime and Chilli, a Beetroot, Apple and Inca Berry as well as a few other products.

If you are interested in learning more about it Ferment It do offer workshops and information can be found from their website.  I'm keen to learn more.
Over at River Kitchen, where I have to make a stop every visit, you can grab a Guinness Brownie, a Munchie (think crunchie but with maple syrup) along with raspberry sauce, lemon curd and the most amazing salted caramel sauce known to man!  There is a hint of Ireland in these products.  John has used some of his mum's recipes (sent over to him) for inspiration.

By the way, you can now by the Salted Caramel Sauce at Harris Farm Markets.
Raised free range and following a organic principle and practices Isis River Farms butchers offers some fabulous, flavoursome meats,  Lamb, beef and pork along with sausages, it's all on offer at the markets.  I've recently purchased the lamb to roast and it was perfect and succulent.

Don't forget to swing by the greengrocers for your in season fruit and veggies.  There is plenty of colourful, freshly picked produce to choose from.  There is a certified organic stall as well as a couple of chemical free stalls.  Both offer fabulous fresh produce.

Another new come is Backa Gourmet Foods.  Based in Queensland, their fermented meat products are reaching far and wide.  Backa's products are made with local ingredients and have no gluten or preservatives.  They have an array of fermented meat products which all taste wonderful. 

Not only is there hot and mild chorizos and pepperoni there is plenty of other types of sausage.

I'm in love with the Cacciatore with it's pepper dusted outerskin. 

and the liverwurst is worth a big mention.  Smooth and creamy this was a delight to munch on with crackers. This was hidden away in the cooler so if it's not out on display just ask!
the guys are super friendly and are very passionate about their meats and are happy to discuss.
For the sweet tooth there are plenty of options to and they cater for everyone.  Coco and Bean is made with the finest ingredients and Love (which should always be included in baking).

The macaroons are light and crispy and packed full of flavour as is their fluffy meringues. 

 I had to take a moment to take in the gorgeous sweet treats on offer at Cream Fork.  Specialising in paleo, raw, vegan, gluten free, grain free, refined sugar free and dairy free these wonderful goodies are absolutely amazing. Who says eating sweets can be unhealthy?!
Not only delicious but oh so pretty!

Recent newcomer to Ramsgate is Miss Bowerbird.  Not food related but so worth the mention, Bowerbird's cute little caravan is packed with collections to furnish your home.  Vintage and handmade these little trinkets are beautiful and make the perfect gifts (or for your own home). 

The Sweet Orange and Chilli pepper candles grab my attention and they smell so divine that I do WANT TO EAT IT! 

There is some seriously awesome gifts here.
If you know me personally you will know that I am a Pukara Estate fanatic.  I think I have a bottle of nearly every balsamic vinegar and half as many oils. I can never pass up a taste test and on one recent visit I purchased 2 bottles of their limited edition Verjuice. 

Herbisaurus is bringing you some tasty vegan comfort foods to you.  Everything from vegan patties, sausages, pies and sausage rolls. It's a cruelty free vegan butcher shop.

In all honesty, I am a meat eater and have never considered going vegetarian or vegan, however I am becoming more aware of the background and ethical side of where my protein is raised and how it's raised.  I am interested in learning on how to eat more plant based foods with a good source of protein and how to prepare these plants and grains in a way that is delicious and nutritious.  As I need to follow a high protein/low carb diet I am always searching for new ways of getting my protein.  Herbisaurus, just might be my answer!

Also if you live locally the team will deliver your orders!
Over at Little Riv Wholesale there is lots of great fresh citrus and fruits on offer.

The organic naturally sundried mix is a fabulous accompaniment for a cheese platter, a snack/trail mix or even just as a display for the coffee table (although an edible display!).  As I'm chatting I keep delving in for treats.  The dried pears are stunning.

All the produce here has been grown and made in the Riverland area in South Australia.  They also supply some native Australian produce in the way of oils and balsamic vinegars.

After another hot busy morning in the markets what better way to cool off than an iceblock.  Madame Pop's all natural ice pops are a winner.  This here is a watermelon, hibiscus, lemong and lime pop but the beauty is that the pops are seasonal and always/forever changing.  Madame Pop knows her stuff!

If you haven't been to Ramsgate Foodies Market I can't express enough how good these markets are and recommend a visit.  The high quality produce, the community spirit and the friendly nature of these markets is inspirign and I can't wait to see what else is coming to the markets over the coming months.  If you are a regular, well I don't think I need to say more, because I'm sure you will agree how awesome it is!
So who's coming to the markets.........

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