Friday, 14 November 2014

Brooklyn Social

Mid week hangout with a friend finds us at Brooklyn Social.  We get there early enough to beat the rush.  I instantly love the vibe and atmosphere here.  It's one of those Dive Bars that just makes you feel  dirty and loose (lol).  Takes me back to America bars and I want to go visit the USA again.

We start off with a wine to catch up and relax a little after the pressures of the office.

The bar is dimly lit, moody and playing some great tunes. 
It's dog night and we order our dogs at the bar and wait.  You can get your typical American bar food here but it's ramped up a notch.  Burgers, Dogs and other dishes that include mac n' cheese balls, fried chicken and onion rings.

Gotta have fries with your dogs and we HAVE to have the sweet potato fries with mint and maple aioli, which are crispy on the outer and tender and sweet on the inside.

As for the dogs, we go with a pig dob, which includes slow cook pulled pork, red cabbage slaw, special Brooklyn sauce and aioli.  This is a good dog.  The smokiness of the pulled pork goes great with the smoky frankfurts!  The other one is The Hells Kitchen Dog with pickled jalapenos, smoked ancho chilli and tomato sauce.  The say it's straight out of Lucifers backyard, but I don't find it that spicy.

Brooklyn Social gets packed on weekends, so go early or get in line later...and be patient.  It's worth the wait!

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