Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Thai Pothong @ Newtown

Thai Pothong in Newtown is an icon restaurant on King St that has been there for over 21 years and has expanded over two shop fronts to accommodate for more diners and also the onsite gift shop.
The restaurant is airy, light and big and can be a little noisy on a Saturday evening with diners celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, dates and get togethers with friends.  It's lively for sure.
Catching up with two of my cousins, D and B we decide that cocktails are in order (as if that was any real excuse LOL).  My date and I choose the Phuket Fantasy which is Midori, Malibu and Pineapple Juice (aka Midori Splice) (fyi - as a side note I also love the fact that my man will drink girly drinks!) 
Browsing the full and varied menu we opt for the Chiang Mai banquet menu which consists of four entrees and four mains plus dessert.
First out is the thai fish cakes.  These are hot and crispy and not at all spongy, like I find alot of fish cakes are. 

Thai Fish Cakes

The vegetable spring rolls are good and filled with lots of vegies and noodles.

Vegetable Spring Rolls

The curry puff filling is really tasty with a hint of spice and the parcels are crispy.  But why do all the entrees come with the same carrot garnish?

Curry Puffs
The chicken satay skewers are tender and juicy and the peanut dipping sauce is nutty and on the chunky side (how I like it).  These are the winning entree for me.

Chicken Satay

Thankfully we have a small break between dishes.  Most of main dishes make their way to the table at the same time (as a typical Asian meal, not all dishes come together and usually are served as and when they are ready).

First dish is clearly the winner dish of the night.  Prawn Choo Chee.  The prawns are plump and perfectly pink with a thick coconut curry sauce with basil and kaffir lime leaves.  I could have eaten just this and been a happy diner.
Prawn Choo Chee

The beef is laced with lots of black pepper and is tender. 

Beef with Black Pepper

Another winner dish is the broccoli with crispy pork.  I love my Asian greens but paired with chunky, sticky, fatty, crispy pork belly...well I'm in heaven.  WHO WOULDN'T?

Broccoli with Crispy Pork
The BBQ Chicken was very tasty but this was the last dish that most of us went for and were hitting our limits.  I was extremely full by this point.  It was a delicious dish but I only had a nibble of it.
BBQ Chicken
.....but there is always room for ice cream (the only dessert that I really will make room for). 

Fresh Fruit with Ice Cream

There are so many options for Thai in Newtown and Thai Pothong is legendary for a reason.  So head on down for a fabulous meal, great atmosphere and with the gift vouchers and discounts offered when you pay you can go shopping in the gift shop! Thai Pothong on Urbanspoon

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