Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Foodies Deli Cafe @ Dolls Point

I love breakfast.  During the week it's on the go and I usually eat something at my desk or on the run.  So I love to indulge on the weekends (if and when time permits).  Nothing beats a leisurely, relaxing big breakfast on a sunny Sunday morning.  One of my favourite cafes to do this is Foodies Deli & Cafe at Dolls Point.  I have been a few times and always come away satisfied and happy.

It does get extremely busy and there is usually a line out the door.  Breakfast hunters waiting for good coffee and good food.  There are families and people walking their dogs, singletons, couples, girly catch ups and exercise enthusiast all looking for their morning caffeine fix and a hearty breakfast.  

The cafe is buzzing during the peak times (which seem to be most of the weekend). Service can be a little slow but it's worth the wait and the friendly staff know what they are doing and dealing with it and always have a smile on their faces.  A cafe this busy obviously is worth it.

I love the vibe and the atmosphere and the decor is fun.  The tables are set close together and snuggley but that's all fine my me...there is a big table in the centre of the cafe for larger groups (and usually reserved).

The specials 'board' is on the large table for all to see.


My man, Mr C gets the mixed berry smoothie, thick with yogurt, milk, honey and mixed berries with a fruit kebab. It's bright purple and looks fabulous.  I'm usually not a smoothie girl....but it does inspire me to perhaps start making them in the mornings.

I get my morning fix via a skinny cappuccino, although I am eyeing off Mr C's smoothie a bit to much.
Yes there was a very long wait on the coffee being served but as mentioned previously, it's busy.
Mr C orders the traditional eggs benne with double smoked ham on sourdough.  He is a happy camper and seeing there isn't much talk going on I can only imagine that he is enjoying it.

I order off the specials board today and I'm not disappointed.  Smashed pea and mint on sourdough toast, smoked salmon, capers, asparagus and poached eggs that are oozy and runny (the perfect poached egg).  This is a breakfast of champions moment.

This is super delicious and I'm left wanting more (although I couldn't possibly fit anything else in!). 

As there is a line out the door it doesn't become a sit back and relax with the paper sipping a coffee after breakfast type of breakfast (the only real downside to such a busy cafe), but that is what the local park and beach is for....head down to the sailing club around the corner for a relaxing morning reading the papers in the sun or a leisurely wander along the Bay.

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