Monday, 3 February 2014

The Wicked Spoon - Las Vegas

Sin City.  The city of slots, buffets, shows and neon lights.  The city that never sleeps. I have arrived!

Leading up to this holiday, I naturally did a lot of research on food.  I planned to do only one buffet in Vegas because, well I can't do justice to them, and I wanted to make it as worthwhile as possible.  tossing up between the Bellagio and the Wicked spoon, the Wicked spoon won!  Found at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, the Wicked Spoon took Vegas by storm when it first opened, with rave reviews.  Lately there as been mixed reviews and some enthusiasts say it's not the same anymore.  But that doesn't deter me.

I arrive early and there are no lines (but by the time I left it was packed!)
The wicked spoon may be just 'another' buffet in Vegas, but here instead of serving yourself from trays in a bain marie, most of the dishes are served for one ready to go.   Good for portion control (if there is such a thing at a buffet).  Maybe to much per serve to be able to sample everything but I like the presentation and your food doesn't get piled up on a plate with all the flavours mixing together.
Let's drool over some of the offerings first.
Salad bar
ceviche in a shot glass

carnitas and tacos

mounds of crab claws

there is so much choice that I have trouble deciding what to try.  I go with some of the following.  Fried Chicken (really I just wanted to get the mini fry basket :)), spicy korean rice cake, shepherds pie, polenta, mussels, bone marrow, korean kalbi rib and sushi.

my samplings

The fried chicken is crispy, juicy and good crunch.  the Korean rice cakes are a little gluggy for me (I'm not good with starch anyway), the shepherds pie is good and comforting, so is the polenta, the bone marrow is creamy and meaty spread on a cracker.  The kalbi rib is tender and spicy....I'll pass on the sushi.


prawn cocktail shot
mini fried chicken baskets and  mini skillets of shepherds pie

bone marrow

People were going crazy over the bone marrow!  Who wouldn't - this is not something you see on your everyday buffet (except Wicked Spoon!)

More drooling?


BBQ shrimp and mussels

Duroc Pork Ribs with chinese BBQ sauce and Korean style kalbi ribs


I may have had two cones of these babies.

cones of cracklin's

korean spicy rice cakes in a box with kimchee

I cannot leave without sampling the vast array of desserts.  All displayed in cones and little cups

pumpkin cheesecake shots

chocolate pecan pie shots

Strawberries dip in chocolate and crush oreo cookies

sample platter

As far as buffets go in Las Vegas, this one is a great one.  It's reasonably priced and offers just something a little different.  They do a brunch buffet too, which has had great reviews.

Definitely a hit.

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  1. omg i think if i went to vegas, i'd hit up so many buffets they wouldn't let me back on the plane! love the little boxes the korean rice cakes come in!