Saturday, 25 May 2013

Yum Cha - Emperors Garden Restaurant

Today I'm heading to a travel writing workshop and find myself in the city to early. So u start to wander and find myself in Chinatown.

I'm like a walking devining rod seeking food and not water and usually wander towards food or at least a fresh food market!

I decide to have some green tea and perhaps just a nibble. Emperor's Garden is at the entrance to Chinatown (under the gates) and opposite Paddy's markets. It's crowded with people having breakfast before heading into the market. 

I am seated near the door and its breezy, but knowing its a quick eat its okay. 

I go for a steamer of har gao and spare ribs in black bean. That's all I can manage this morning. It's good. In fact I think the har gao beats the ones from Sky Phoenix! The spare ribs are surprisingly tender, not full of bones and little meat and not full of taro pieces, in fact there are 3 small pieces of fried tofu that have sucked up some of the tasty, oily sauce and are nice and chewy when bitten into.

Great for a quick dim sum brekkie when your on the move.


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  1. We had our yum cha fix this weekend and whilst it was delish I nearly fell off my chair when we got the big ($90 for two people and we didn't eat THAT much -- need to find a new place I think). I'm keen to hear about your writing workshop -- was it food related?