Wednesday, 8 May 2013

WDW: Tusker House Breakfast with Donald Duck

My highly anticipated breakfast with Donald at Tusker House had finally arrived. I was super excited to meet Donald and the gang decked out in their safari clothes and I was spending the whole day in Animal Kingdom.

Entering the park early is lovely, stopping to take a quick photo with the Tree of Life and leisurely making my way up to Africa for an early morning breakfast.

On entering the restaurant I had my photo taken with Donald out the front.

 My breakfast date with Donald

I was seated in one of the rooms near the door, where I would be directly in front when the characters entered. My server was wonderful and made sure that because I was on my own that she was floating around to take photos of me with the characters.

I had enough time before the characters came around to do a once over on the buffet. Here is what I chose on the first round.

From top clockwise: Bacon; corned beef hash; swwet plaintain; tater tot; scrambled egg; coconut and sweet potato casserole; beef bobotie; cheese blintze; ham with sweet mustard sauce

Everything was tasty except the cheese blintze...not a fan....and I had to be careful with the bready, doughy things, but a bite of each was okay!

In between characters I headed to the buffet again.

top clockwise: Mickey waffle; a cube of cheese (for protein :)); mealie pap; sasuage patty; biscuit with sausage gravy

Jungle Juice
Passionfruit orange and guava blend...YUMMY!

The character interaction was great and I didn't feel like I was brushed aside being on my own. Each character made 'conversation' (as far as a non-talking character can)) with me and my waitress, true to her word, was there to snap every photo!

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