Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Travel Photo of the Month - Fes

Introducing Travel Photo of the Month.  A new little segment that will be focused on....well obviously travel related photography, whether it's food focused or not.  This little blog of mine may be food related but will and has relied a lot on my travelling adventures.   So far I've been to 51 countries, so the portfolio of photos is large and varied.

Over the years I've become a bit of a food tourist but that's not always the main aim of a trip, it just sort of happens that way.  I enjoy all aspects of exploring the globe, just that the enjoyment and pleasure comes so much from the food culture of a country.  You will be amazed on how much you can learn about a country through its food culture and history. I still take all opportunities to see everything else and experience as much as I can.  It's a big world out there and there is much to discover and learn.

Moroccan Plates

These beautiful, handmade (and hand painted) pottery plates were for sale in a small co-operative shop outside of Marrakesh Fes. The intricate patterns are amazing and to watch the locals paint each piece is a true art form.  Each piece is unique and the artists are proud of their work (and so they should!). 

The only problem was having to choose one piece to bring home!

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