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Sushi Tucker @ Neutral Bay

Japanese cuisine has come along way in Sydney, and there are more and more restaurants opening offering anything from handrolls to skewers, fresh sashimi and ramen to more complex dishes, sake tastings and regional spin on classic dishes. Casual to the more fine dining options. Regional Japanese is on the rise in Sydney and everyone is hunting out good food with new flavours.

From the street Sushi Tucker is an unassuming shop front, at first glance you might think it is similar to any other casual diner offering cheap and tasty sushi and handrolls. Once inside, you will see that it is just that, simple, casual yet very friendly and inviting. It's the little touches that make it so quaint.

Sushi Tucker is part of the Yachiyo chain which owns three restaurants and two shops throughout Sydney. Tucker offers rice bowls, and is particularly known for its ‘create your own’ rice and salad bowls, hand rolls and rice sandwiches (the ‘new’ sushi trend). Everyday starts with a visit to the Fish Markets and all produce is prepared at a central kitchen before being distributed amongst the restaurants. Not only are the ingredients fresh and of the highest quality it also means that the same quality is served in the shop and the restaurants.

Take a seat at one of the few small tables and browse the menu that is on the wall behind the counter. The selections are endless with various combinations of your toppings. Recently they have added dumplings to the menu and the steamer can be seen in the front window. Just what you need on a cold night.  

I am informed that the special tonight is the Pork Katsu Curry and that it is very popular. While the pork katsu special is not always on the menu there is always a ‘special’ of the day..

We make a selection with a little bit of assistance from staff who are eager to recommend various dishes.

In the glass fridge/cabinent are a selection of Japanese drinks including green tea. The Iced Lychee Tea has my attention. It’s a sweet style tea with a lovely lychee flavour.

In no time we are presented with a beautiful big bowl of the pork katsu. I am immediately drawn to the large cutlet that is golden brown with crispy panko crumbs and the light gravy of the curry sauce. It smells delicious.

The pork was crispy fried, crunchy and tender (although I am unsure of the cut of pork). The curry sauce was well balanced with a light curry flavour.. I am told that the curry sauce today is made with both fish and chicken stock, chicken and vegetables. There are cubes of potato and carrot in the sauce. At $9.90 this is a large serve.

Two perfectly rolled handrolls appear on a board with a bowl of miso soup (extra). Soy sauce and wasabi are also offered to mix your own sauce. We have chosen a snow crab roll and a scallop roll. The handrolls range between $3 and $4.

Although the snow crab meat is sweet, I find it a very strong crab flavour and I am still unsure whether I like it or not. However it was the scallop handroll that delighted me. The cold creaminess of the raw scallop has a lovely texture.

Tonight I have chosen to create my own rice bowl. Firstly you choose your rice base being white rice, brown rice or sushi rice and then your salad leaf which could be a mixed leaf, a herb mix or cos lettuce.

Secondly, you choose your fresh toppings that include a variety of seafood, including lobster, snow crab, scallop, smoked salmon and eel to name but a few. There is also miso pork, wagyu beef and spicy chicken. There are vegetables and edamame, crunch fried wonton skins and avocado. The beauty of these toppings is that they come in various serving sizes offering a truly unique create your own depending on your appetite. You could opt for a large serve of salmon and a small serve of eel or a medium serve of spicy chicken and you can have as little or as many toppings as you choose (each topping is charged for).  Price range would be between 6.90 and 90 cents. This could ultimately make it a very expensive ‘cheap’ dinner, but a unique and very tasty dish!

Lastly you have a choice of dressings ranging from sesame, teriyaki, wasabi or spicy. I have asked if I could taste a few dressing to see what works best with my choices.

I have chosen small servings overall, which actually gives you a fairly decent size bowl once everything has been added.

My bowl arrives and it’s beautifully presented. So colourful and fresh.

Consisting of sushi rice, mixed salad leaves, fresh tuna, fresh salmon, eel, avocado and crunchy wontons. I also note they have thrown in corn, edamame and some cucumber too. Along side are small bowls of Dynamite sauce, which is a caramelised chilli and soy sauce and packs a good punch of heat. The ‘house’ Yachiyo sauce, a onion soy sauce (which is also my favourite) and the widely popular and well known wasabi mayonnaise.

As a side note, Sushi Tucker is also a member of Washoku Lovers and offers a great member set deal. It’s free to become a member (and you can join here). I was lucky to be there when a member was ordering a Washoku Lovers set and I asked if I could take a photo of her meal. Here she has chosen the chicken teriyaki rice sandwich, smoked salmon rice paper roll and dumplings, along with miso soup and a salad. This is definitely a bargain at $10.

A very enjoyable casual dinner spot in Neutral Bay. A suburb north of the bridge and one I need to
explore more.

*roofood dined as a guest of Yachiyo and SD Marketing
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  1. Aww I love Japanese drinks. And hand rolls are the best!