Friday, 17 April 2015

Foodies Street Market

For those that know me and those that read my blog would know that I have been a long time shopper and visitor to Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market.  I love doing my shopping there on a Saturday morning.  The community comes together for shopping, coffee and good food and regulars love to have a chat and catchup. I try to go every 2 weeks or so and miss it when I don't get there.

So you can only imagine how excited I was to hear that they were hosting/running a Foodies Street Market at Peakhurst in the grounds of Our Lady of Fatima Church on Friday, 27 March 2015.

Traffic wasn't to bad when I arrived but parking was a small issue, eventually finding a spot about a block away. I headed into the markets eager and hungry. The crowds were already pumping an hour into the markets.

I headed straight over to It's Not a Lemon.  It was busy but the girls were keeping up with the demand.  This lemon (aid) stand has been created in loving memory of a grandfather who battled with Motor Neurone Disease and proceeds go to the Motor Neurone Disease Association of NSW.  I have previously met Juliette but there will be more on this young teenager in a near future post!

People were lined up for gelato, but I needed savoury first.

There are so many regular faces and stalls at the markets tonight along with a few new food stalls.  I just didn't know where to start or what to eat, so I stopped by Stevensons for a glass of Meg's Sour Cherry Sangria. 

Fruity and refreshing it quench the thirst on this warm evening.
Wandering around I just couldn't decide. Fresh ears of corn being prepared. Perhaps? Always love a fresh, hot corn with melted butter and salt and pepper....

Sarazine la Creperie are here!  Offering both sweet and savoury crepes at this busy little caravan, I head over to peruse the menu. I am not usually drawn to crepes..but after seeing the menu  I realise my mouth is watering for a savoury crepe. I know exactly what I'm having.

The Bordeaux - hot smoked salmon, marinated goats cheese and rocket crepe.  The savoury crepe is made using 100% organic buckwheat flour, making them gluten free.  The combination of hot smoked salmon and creamy goats cheese is a awesome pairing and adding a peppery rocket makes this crepe awesome.

Stopping by for a chat with Creamfork.  Her wonderfully inspiring paleo, raw and vegan sweets, slices and nut butters are selling out fast.  Everyone is going nuts (literally) over them. 

Not only food on offer there are a few stalls selling beautiful candles and homewares, table decor and the like.  Along with these beautiful handmade pumpkin lights from Turkey.  They look gorgeous lit up in the evening!

However it was the chips and beer batter prawns from Mamou that won the dish of the night, selling out within a couple of hours of opening.  Newcomers to the food market scene, the man and family behind Mamou has had a long career in the food industry.  Going out on a limb and making beer battered prawns and chips may not be 'new', but using home made beer for the batter and home made stout for the sauce was spectacular.  Crunchy batter and perfectly tender prawns were fantastic.  The thinly cut chips are deep fried and are reminiscent of a potato crisp.  In fact they are a cross between a crisp and a chip.
For the $10 price tag for prawn and $5 for the chips it was a winner.
I thought I had missed out as the wait for the sold out prawns was lengthy.  I was very honoured to be given the last few beer battered prawns along with my chips that I had ordered.  Thank you!  I'm really looking forward to seeing you join the markets!
Corn Fritter House always have a following at the markets and tonight was no exception!
I hung out for awhile with some friends chatting and sharing food and listening to the band playing some great tunes and keeping the vibe happening.
It was crowded with locals who were loving that the night markets were in their area and enjoying some great food and atmosphere.  The organisers and stall owners never anticipated the crowds and unfortunately ran out of food quite early in the evening (actually perhaps fortunately for most).  Hopefully this will be taken into consideration next time!
Actually speaking of next time, the Foodies Street Market will be once again held on 24 April at Our Lady of Fatima.  My only disappointed is that I will not be able to be there!
All I can say is get down there early and soak up the atmosphere, mingle with the crowds, pull up some grass and listen to the music and get some great food into you!

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