Thursday, 22 January 2015

Izakaya Yebisu @ Regent Place

A while back I dined at Izakaya Yebisu with a couple of friends for a catch up. Tucked away inside Regent Place on George St, Izakaya Yebisu is an authentic style place and am charmed.  Never having been to Japan yet, I can only imagine what authentic places will be like.

The menu is extensive and we find that it's crowded and not so reader friendly.  We are a little overwhelmed with options and choices.
So we start with edamame to nibble on while we wait for drinks. 

There is an extensive list of mocktails and cocktails.  I cannot remember which one I had but I do remember it was very light on the alcohol.

The sashimi bowl  is a good serve of salmon, tuna and kingfish atop a bowl of ice.  The dollops of wasabi.  It's so pretty.

the Gyoza comes to the table on a hotplate and is steaming with heat.  Light wrapper around pork mince filling and good crispy bottoms.

We go with chicken yakitori and I throw in a skewer of BBQ 'parson's noses' - the girls screw up their noses...the bum is the best bit!  Unfortunately this was a let down.  No crispy but soggy and undercooked and I screw my nose up myself!

Tempura can be a hit and miss and most places.  It's either fantastically crunchy and crispy but more often than not, it's soggy and hard.  This was sort of in between.  Some pieces like the sweet potato were good, the pumpkin however was hard with soggy batter. Go figure? 

The chicken karaage is a hit. Hot and crispy morsels of chicken.

We end with a pork rice bowl.  The pork has a lovely sweet, smokey sauce coating it and several pieces of a char on it.  Lovely little dish.

Overall, Izakaya Yebisu is a fun place for a meal and a good vibe place for a good girlie catch up!

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