Monday, 2 June 2014

Menya Mappen

I have been craving noodles....and soup.....  Udon noodles in particular. 

So I finally got on the Menya Mappen food wagon and finally went to check this place out.  There are avid followers (and addicts) fiercely recommending this place for udon or soba.  I wanted to know what was so special about it.  It's a Japanese style soup place right? How special can it be?

I arrived early lunchtime and I lined up. Luckily the lunch time rush hadn't landed yet (however a few minutes later look out the line gets very long) I already knew what I was going to order (a foodblogger always researchers menus beforehand where possible).

There is an order and process to your ordering and firstly you must choose your type of noodle and whether you want soup or sauce and whether you want it hot or cold.  You can also opt for a velvet soft egg.

I am already drooling over the Bukkake Ontama Mentaiko with udon which is udon noodles in sauce with a very soft poached egg and a dollop of chilli cod roe butter.  I slide my tray across to the tempura section, the second step in your order.  There are tongs provided and you can choose your tempura and kakiage.  There is a large selection of deep fried goodies from the bar.  All kept hot and crispy and fresh.  (This in itself is a winner - how do they keep fried food from going soggy?)

I can't decide so I go with both a fish cake and the sweet potato kakiage (deep friend shredded sweet potato).

Lastly, you can choose a side if you wish.  Options include corn, seaweed, kimchi, diced chopped chicken amongst a few other toppings.  Finally you arrived at the cashier where you can also laden your soup with tempura batter pieces and shallots (yes it also says you can only have 1 spoonful of shallots per bowl - but I may take a little bit more than that).  Pay and then find yourself a seat.

love chilli cod roe butter

Note: you are not to pre-hold seats before ordering.

Pull up a seat or stool next to other diners and dig in.  Slurp, slurp, mix the egg through and munch into the delectable chewy texture of the udon.  I'm instantly transported to another world and I can now understand why they have a huge following and I know that I have now joined the ranks of followers.  There is no going back (well you know what I mean).  I certainly will be back.

Bukkake Ontama Mentaiko
I love the sweet potato kakiage.  It's super crunchy and crispy and shatters as I bite into it.

In fact, I'll admit it I went another 2 times in a week following my first visit.  Each time ordering differently to taste the menu.

Second visit I choose to have the Bukkake Chilli Pork with udon, which consists of chilli miso pork mince in sauce and udon noodles I also had an egg with it and prawn tempura.  The tempura prawn is crispy and moist and tender and goes so well with udon soup.


get in my belly

Today was a cool day and I needed some comforting chilli.  I decided to try the Chilli Pork soup today and it definitely hit the spot.  I add an egg and again can't decide on a tempura side (you don't have to have it, but I can't help myself).  The broth is light yet tasty and the flavours are well developed. 
The tempura bits eventually go soggy in the soup and the freshness of the shallots a good hit of green.  The chilli miso pork mince has a good kick of heat and is full of unami - leaving me wanting more, even though I was full!

best lunch in the city


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  1. It's so cheap and cheerful here, but let's face it, half the fun is the self-serve tempura bar! lol

  2. looove mappen! can never resist loading up on the fried!