Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Cruising the Southern Caribbean - Carnival Valor - Day 2 - St Thomas

Today starts off extremely tired and hungover.  I had about 2 hours sleep and feeling really rough.  So I mosey on down to the dining room for a civilised (and hopefully not to crowded) breakfast.  I'm seated with a table of about 8 people and happily sit quietly.  I needed sustenance and something that will cure a hangover.  This is what I ended up with.

eggs benedict with corned beef hash
I have to say not the best benedict I've ever had.  The hollandaise was thick and gluggy and the eggs were overcooked (aka hard poached eggs).  The corned beef hash is very salty but it did the job (just).  I was ready to get off the ship and go explore!
After a morning of lazing on Magens beach (which just so happens to be in the top 10 beaches in the world) and a spot of duty free shopping (read MAC makeup less than half price than Australia!) I headed back to the ship for some lunch and an afternoon of chilling out. 
on Magens Bay
The buffet was slowing down so I snuck up stairs to the fish and chip shop (not many people have discovered this yet) and helped myself to some ceviche, salad and fried oysters.
Buffet lunch assortment

fried oysters and chips


tuna and watermelon
The oysters and chips are definitely not fresh and not tasty at all in fact so bad after a bite of each I left them - so skipping on I went for the ceviche and the tuna and watermelon.  Tasty, cold and refreshing. 
But not as refreshing as one of these babies.  A Margarita!  Icy cold, tangy and perfect for sitting out in the sun for the afternoon.

Dinner time again and I was seated by my favourite waiter, Gusti. A quick perusal of the menu and decided on these dishes.

smoked duck and caramelised oranges
The duck was perfectly pink with a good (but not to much) laying of rendered fat. Sliced thinly and served with sticky sweet caramelised orange segments and raspberries.  This dish was a hit.
shark and langostine firecracker rolls with salsa verde
The didja menu had the shark and langostine firecracker rolls.  They were crunchy and hot, but the filling was a little to much filler and not enough seafood.  With a hint of chilli they were pretty good.

seafood newburg and saffron pilaf
I was already getting full so I picked at the seafood from my main dish.  I still find it hard to eat seafood with creamy sauces.  Not that I don't like them, it just disagrees with me occasionally.  Rich and creamy it was, and the seafood was cooked just right. I passed on the rice though.

white and dark chocolate bread and butter pudding with creme angalais
Not being a dessert person I was surprised with my choice tonight but I wasn't disappointed.  This was yummy! Hot and chocolatey the bread croutons on top gave the dish some more texture.  It was gooey and spongey under the crunch crouton topping.  Drizzled with that creme angalais and it was a dessert worth having.
oh and look a french martini for afters! One of many with my Minnesota girls (or as they became known the Amee-tini in honour of Amee (obviously)!

french martini

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  1. haha i love that there was a hidden fish and chip shop on the ship! Shame about the oysters and chips though :/