Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hartsyard @ Newtown

Hartsyard has been on my radar for some time.  I have heard so much about it, read so many articles and reviews and I just knew that I had to dine here.  It's the type of place I love to eat at.  Relaxed, laid back, funky, neighbourhood style, homey and southern comfort style food!

Being a Sunday, I was surprised how busy it is.  All tables are taken as well as stools at the bar and the communal table at the front.  It's dim lit with soft lighting and we are greeted by Naomi Hart, co-owner, front of house extraordinaire.  She is bubbly and friendly and makes you feel very welcome.  It's like coming home!

We are seated at the booth seats at the back.  Perfect for restaurant/people watching. Naomi chats with Mr G (he is a regular) and I for a bit and lets us know the specials before dashing off to meet the next diners.  Casey, our waitress will be taking good care of us tonight and it's not long before we have ordered a glass of sparkling wine to sip while perusing the menu.

Can you tell we were excited to be here, that things got a little silly?

Les Quinz Arpents, Vouvray Brut, Les Cave, France

Everything on the menu looks wonderful and I have a hard time choosing.  As Mr G has dined a few times he recommended a few dishes but asked me to choose for us so that I could sample everything I wanted. I WANTED EVERYTHING!

We decide on 2 Seeds (smaller plates) and 2 Feeds (larger plates) all designed to share.  However, Mr G states that it is probably going to be far to much food, so we cut it down to 3 dishes only.

We start off with crispy pigs tails.

I was expecting long, curly piggy tails piled on a plate, but was surprised when the plate had  2 crispy coated discs (they remind me of hockey pucks) on the plate drizzled with buttermilk dressing and a pile of pickles garnished with tiny baby radishes.  Inside the 'pucks' there is tender, rich porky goodness.  Comforting is the first word that comes to mind.  I'm very happy with the flavours.  Mr G and I don't need to argue over portions either, we both got one each! 

 Crispy Pig Tails
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  1. Yummy Rani... is it Veggo friendly? Reckin Rickster would love this place!!! X

    1. They do have veggie dishes.. here is the current menu - you guys would love it! Let me know when and if you head there I'll come! :)

  2. Wish I was there! Sounds amazingly yummy! (Kathryn)

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