Monday, 3 June 2013

Bali - Cocoon Cocktails

Already feeling relaxed and unwound I spent the entire day lazing  by the pool.  It's exactly what I needed to recharge the batteries after a few weeks of high level stress.

On our walk along the beach yesterday we came across a bar called Cocoon and thought it looked like a perfect spot to watch the sunset and they had happy hour (2 for 1).  Cocktails are $10 each and its a reputable place (so we know they are safe cocktails) so 2 for 1 is a great deal.

We get there early and settle ourselves into a cabana.  A comfy king size mattress with a canopy that overlooks the bar and the beach.  The DJ is already turning the tables with great chillout sounds.  People start to come in off the beach or having a sunset drink before heading to dinner. Planning only to have a couple of cocktails before moving onto somewhere else for dinner we peruse the grazing menu and decide that the food sounded too good to pass on and after a day in the sun (and a few drinks) we were only up for a few nibbles, so decide to stay. Not sure if this was the wisest decision in terms of drinking but it was worth it for the food. 

We ended up having about 6 cocktails each and staying way beyond sunset.  So we took advantage of the 3 hours of happy hour that is for sure (and paid for it the next morning!). The staff are smiley and happy and only to eager to assist you, yet not hovering and annoying like some upclass places can be.  One waiter wanted to practice his English with us and I just hope that I wasn't slurring by the end of it...poor guy won't know what he is saying!


Slow Roast Pork Belly with basa gede, green mango salad, chili caramel

The pork belly is succulent and tender with crispy shards of crackling.  The green mango salad is refreshing to the palate and cuts the fat of the pork.  The chilli caramel has a wonderful deep flavour.  The pork is marinated in basa gede which is a balinese spice paste full of shallots, ginger, chilli, shrimp paste, lemongras, galangal, garlic and candlenuts (plus many other spice varients depending on whose making it). Locally it is also know as Bumbu Bali.


 Blue Cheese & Walnut Croquetas  ith Kemangi & ginger honey
These little mouthfuls took me to heaven.  They are the flavour BOMB! Not overpowering with blue cheese they have a subtle creamy centre and a crispy outershell that crunches as you bite into it. Kemangi (or lemon basil) has pleasant aroma and the ginger honey is sweet with a little gingery kick.  AMAZING! I only wish that I could have asked for the recipe!

Goats Cheese  Pear, walnuts, truffled honey

My friend ordered this pizza and it was a fantastic pairing of ingredients.  The pizza was thin and crispy.  I had a couple of bites and it was good.  The goats cheese was soft and fresh.


I think I will have just 'one' more

Sunset - cocooon style

After all the drinking and the eating, laughing and chatting, we were starting to get a little daring and realised  that we needed to move on before one of us ended up in the pool!

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