Monday, 23 September 2013

Sushi Hotaru - sushi train at it's best

I have recently discovered a sushi train restaurant near my new office block and I am finding myself returning regularly.  It appears I have an addiction. Not such a bad addiction however I think I'm going to have to limit my visits for a bit. Sushi Hotaru can be found upstairs in The Galleries andat Town Hall.  They also a branch on Bathurst St.

Arriving you are greeted and whisked to a seat at the counter which gives you a good perch to watch the chefs prepare the fresh ingredients.  You can select your plates from the train that whirls around the whole restaurant or you can order off the menu via the individual ipad for your seat number.  Here you can select soups and speciality items such as gunkan, sushi, sashimi and hand rolls.  Service is fast and efficient. It is a quick and cheap lunch or dinner and the food is delicious and fresh.   I've been working my through the menu but going back to my favourite ones.

There is a huge variety on offer and at only $3 a plate a fantastic deal.  Sashimi runs at $7.90 a plate but its a good serving of raw fish and there are other speciaility items at various prices, which are noted on the menu on the ipad. 

It can get crowded at lunchtime but there is a sheet at the front where you can right down your name and how many people and rip off a number and wait your turn. 

crab, tako, grilled scallop and deep fried salmon skin

scallop and salmon combo, salmon and spicy tuna hand roll

crab, octopus karage, soft shell crab hand roll and grilled scallop
kingfish, scallop, tuna tororo and soft shell crab handroll
grilled scallop, squid, prawn balls and soft shell crab handroll (yes it's a favourite!)
salmon and avocado hand roll, tuna nigiri, grilled scallops, deep fried squid

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