Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Queenies @ The Forrester

Looks like I am doing the rounds of the Drink n Dine Groups establishments and I am one a happy eater at the moment. I'm looking forward to new ventures the group has going on.

So it was only natural on a recent girls night out (where I am in charge of booking a restaurant) that I suggest Queenies at the The Forresters.  We always start our nights at The Clock for happy hour cocktails (that will be another post soon) so we only had to walk around the corner to our dining location.

Upstairs inside The Forresters is Queenies, a Caribbean style restaurant.  The decor certainly screams the Islands and it's dimly lit and moody offering a great space to dine in.  All I needed was a palm tree and white sandy beach and I would be transported there!

There are 7 of us girls tonight and we are hungry and eager to sample the menu. To continue the themeing of the night (both in terms of drinking and the Caribbean) we decide to start with a rum fuelled cocktail from a menu that is very enticing - I opt for a Coconut Daiquiri - a blend of Havana 3 rum, coconut puree, lime, chili with a salt rim.

Coconut Daiquiri, Banana Espresso Lime and Mango and Pomegranate Mojito

It is coconuty and creamy and with the hint of lime - reminds me of paradise!  A couple of the other cocktails sampled are the Banana Espresso Martini - a mix of wyborowa, Kahlua, Banana puree and espresso - if you love coffee you will love this! and a Mango and Pomegranate mojito which is a blend of Havana 3, Pomegranate liqueur, mango puree and lime.

We are talked into trying the Bammies. A bammy is a Jamaican cassava flour flatbread, grilled or baked until crispy and served with any toppings you desire.  We opt to have both that are on offer, prawn, mango and ginger and a pulled pork & pineapple. 

prawn, mango and ginger bammy and pulled pork and pineapple bammy

* Please excuse the first picture - who knows what was going on with the camera phone. Food blogger photo fail!

They are both fantastic but I'm pulled towards the prawn, mango and ginger one as a favourite between the two.  Crispy, crunchy discs of flatbread with plump prawns and fresh tangy mango.  The pulled pork and pineapple one is sweet and smoky and richer in flavour and good too.

Coconut soft shell crab w hotstepper sauce

A basket of soft shell crab appears and all cut up into 7 pieces for us.  It's thick yellow batter coating the decent pieces of soft shell crab, hot and crispy and very tasty.  The hint of coconut in the batter makes a difference but is not overly coconutty and dipped into the spicy, chili hotstepper sauce is a marriage made in heaven.

BBQ Jerk Corn w/ coconut

I'm eager to try the corn here. After tasting it at The Californian @ Santa Barbara I wanted more - of course this is different spin on it but I love the pairing of corn and coconut.

Calypso coffee Ribs w/ tropical cauliflower

The aroma wafting off these ribs before they even hit the table have us mesmerised.  We dive on them instantly and they are sticky and sweet and smokey and the hint of coffee grabs the back of your throat.  The meat is tender and juicy and melts in the mouth.   The cauliflower is a tangy accompaniment that cuts through the richness of the ribs.  I'm left licking my fingers.

Sweet potato fries with spiced mayo

Always one for opting for sweet potato fries over regular spuds.  These are sweet and soft in the middle and crispy on the outside.  the spiced mayo offers hints of spice and we can't stop going back for more.

We actually order this salad as a 'last dish' effort to balance the meal - I think we may have been over enthusiastic in our ordering (in terms of the amount of food we have ordered) but this salad is really good. 
Teriyaki caribbean chicken salad w/ mango, cashews, crispy tortillas, cheddar and lime dressing,

The stretchy pants (and dresses) are put into use by now - as we tuck into the most succulent, spiced jerk chicken with just the right amount of char.  We had to use our fingers and tear pieces off as everyone wanted a piece - we were fighting each other off for the tidbits.  The BBQ sauce coating the jerk chicken is sticky and sweet and well, I think it's all over my face, which is a good sign.  The 'burnt' bits are the best

BBQ jerk chicken w jungle slaw
There is something very comforting about slow braised beef cheeks with soft pureed sweet potato. We only had a bite of this dish each but it was purely comforting and full of rich flavours from the Guinness and meat. We are left sopping up the 'gravy' and puree from the plate (using forks not fingers :))

Guinness beef cheeks - slow braised w sweet potato puree and yam chips

We are moaning about having to order dessert  (do you believe that!) - but we have to do it (research purposes of course).  The waitress promises us we won't be disappointed.....and we aren't!

Kingston Kreme Donuts w jerk cream and chocolate and coffee sauces

The donuts are light and fluffy and perfect little bites.  The chocolate and coffee sauces are good but I will admit I wasn't a fan of the jerk cream (but that is just my taste buds talking).  Anything rolled in sugar and cinnamon is a good thing.

Impossible pie with toasted marshmallow and black treacle icecream

The dome of the impossible pie is gooey and toasty marshmallow goopiness and I love it but its the black treacle icecream that is hands down the winner (but you know I love icecream).

Carribean fudege cake with salted caramel chocolate icecream
This fudge cake is moist, dense and gooey and absolutely decadent.  Served with a smooth salty caramel chocolate icecream this is a dessert best shared (or for one if you love chocolate!)  We ordered two serves.

Queenies is heaving on a Saturday night so make sure to make a reservation.  The food is absolutely fantastic and definitely a little slice of the Caribbean in Surry Hills.  Unique and delicious it won't disappoint!
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