Monday, 13 July 2015

Express Lunch @ Contrabando

When you have a team lunch to celebrate a team members promotion and they mention a lunch spot that is a great place for a quick lunch with a good deal I had to google it.  I hadn't seen alot of reviews on nor heard much about Contrabando, so I was excited about going.
Turns out it's where the Noble House used to be - look for the upside down sign out the front.  It's unassuming and full of mystery as you head downstairs into a moody lit room, with local artwork hanging on the walls.  It's obviously had a make over (or make under as it's more grungy and graffettied than Noble House was)  Cheeky and playful.
The menu looks great, with flourishes of Southern Californian, Mexican and Latin American influences.  There are a few dishes that are enticing but we are all here for the express lunch which is on Monday and Thursday.  Four tapas size dishes and a beverage (beer, wine or soft drink) for $20, that's a real bargain in the city!
The beverage choice is either a Salvados on tap or a Vaquera, peruvian Apple Cider.  I go with the cider and it's cold and light and fruity.
When the corn arrives we all dive onto it.  There is something about corn when cheese, chipotle and lime are involved. 
The mazorca are chargrilled, topped with queso freso, lime and a chipotle mayo with a hint of heat.  They are delicious!

Everyone is taco crazy these days and this crispy fish taco, with tomatillo salsa verde and pico de gallo is a tasty little number on super soft tortillas.  I could be in Baja right now!

The third dish was probably my least favourite.  The choripan, which is essentially a chorizo hot dog comes with habanero mustard and salsa criola.  It was nice, just not a favouite.  The mini chorizo sausage had a nice smoky flavour with a kick of chilli.

We finish the meal with the wagyu beef quesedilla.  This is a big hit.  The rich flavour of the beef is tasty and topped with a salsa verde, the crispy tortilla sandwiches it all together.

The staff are fun and friendly and it's a great place to have a quick lunch at.  As it is in the CBD it is a suits and corporates type of lunch spot, but it's a great spot!
I know I'll be back...perhaps next time I'll indulge in a $10 cocktail.

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