Friday, 17 July 2015

Cuckoo Callay @ Newtown

After months and months of Cuckoo Callay at Newtown high on my list I finally brunch there this past weekend.  I also got to meet (finally) the delightful Mel (ex food blogger from The Adventures of Miss Piggy).
Our table is in the corner down the back of the cafe, it's cosy and snug sitting next to other diners.  If you are wanting privacy or space, this is not the place for you.
Mel starts with a pot of tea.  I love the tea pot

The Aeropress is a process that allows the barista to 'dictate the terms of the extraction'.  Here, at Cuckoo Callay they brew for one minute before pressing it, yielding rich flavour with lower acidity and no bitterness. (Their words).

this was fruity and less acidic, however I think I need milk in my caffeine, but if you like experimenting and/ or changing your caffeine hit up. This is good.
I always have food envy.  I look around at what other people are eating, decide on a dish, look at the menu and inevitably change my mind and then wish I had gone with my first option.  Here I did look around and changed my mind a few times but didn't have food envy....I was delighted with my dish.
#Hashtag, Boom, Bam!* (yes it's that on the menu!), Jerusalem artichoke, chat potato and spanish onion has served with roast beet puree, parsnip cream 63 degree poached egg and either bacon or haloumi.  I went with haloumi.

This was GOOD. The saltiness (and squeekiness) of the halmoui was perfect with the gentle flavour of the Jerusalem artichoke (and I think this is the first time that I have tasted it). The beet puree is earthy and slightly sweet.  Can never go wrong with a runny yolk soft egg. Crackin' dish.

Mel decided on the Porked* which crispy pork, chargrilled broccolini, manchego and mustard sauce and a 63° egg on sourdough

Okay maybe a small amount of food envy, but she was kind enough for me to have a taste (and vice versa). 
This was a lovely brunch and I am keen to come back for more.  It does get busy and expect to have to wait for a table...but it's worth it.
I always have an excuse to eat cake! Words to live by....
Cheekiness - wise words from Buddha.


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