Thursday, 15 May 2014

GIANT Schnitzels at The Goni's Schnitzelria @ Marrickville

When Mr C quite often raved about the huge schnitzels at Goni's at the White Cockatoo.  They had been there for over 12 years and had a good following.   I was intrigued by this and added it to the long wish list.  However  we never got there due to one thing or another.  That's okay because on 23 April 2014 The Goni's Schnitzeleria moved to a new location and opened shop on the ground floor under Marrickville Tavern on Marrickville Rd.   It was time to go eat some schnitzel!  Their tag is 'the home of the best & biggest schnitzels in town' - but really how big can they be?

down in the basement is the biggest schnitzel
The ground floor (I would call a basement) is brilliantly lit with fluro lights, light coloured tiles and spacious tables . It's very open and wide (which is a good thing as the ceiling is quite low) and gives off a food court style feel but with home style food.  Down the back is the counter where you order your meal and you are given a number to take to your table.  I notice there are lot of tables reserved (and it's a Wednesday night, so perhaps might be advisable to pre-book particularly over a weekend). 

condiment station

The extensive menu doesn't just stick to schnitzels.  There is also a selection of starters, burgers, seafood dishes including fish and chips, a seafood platter and a seafood casserole, huge slabs of steaks and chicken................. and then we come to the extensive schnitzel menu.  With a choose of  about 15 toppings plus you can choose chicken pork or lamb schnitzel.  This just makes the decision even more difficult.


Thankfully we also opt to share.  We saw the size of the plates and some diners had their own. There was no way I was going to cope with that. We decide on the Marinara Chicken Schnitzel which is topped with garlic prawns and crumbed calamari. 

We sit back and watch peoples reactions as their schnitzels are served.  Comparing toppings and options for future visits. I'm telling you these plates are huge and I can't help smiling in anticipation of a good schnitty.  Help yourself to cutlery, condiments and napkins at the servery in the middle of the restaurant.

When our plate arrived at the table my jaw dropped to the floor, my reaction was the same as everybody else that I had been watching!  This was absolutely ridiculously huge.  I'm in awe! I would worship this schnitzel.   I also realise that there is no way anyone would be capable of eating it solo (in one sitting) - kudos if they can - is there a wall of honour?    a free t-shirt?

marinara schnitzel

Each serving of chicken schnitzel has 1 kilo of chicken breast which equates to approximately 5-6 schnitzels on the plate (or should I say platter). Topped with a handful of crumbed calamari and 6 buttery garlic prawns.
The chicken breast is moist and juicy and is encased in a crispy breaded crumb. The garlic prawns are okay but the calamari is crispy and very tender. The only thing missing (in my opinion) is some good tomato sauce to finish off the 'marinara' and give it a bit of more wetness to the dish. It's served with a wedge of lemon and some tartare.  The schnitzels are also served with a bowl of fries. meh - they are hot and crispy but we don't need them at all!

C R A Z Y !

For size comparison here I am holding the platter.  Three times bigger than my head! LOL

schnitty bigger than my head

For $25 this is a very generous serve and a fantastic meal.  Add a salad and it could easily feed a family or a group (or just a very hungry couple or ONE big eater! hahahaha). 

Goni's is also licenced with a good selection of wines and beers and if you can manage it after those platters a few dessert options too. The Goni's Schnitzelria on Urbanspoon


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