Thursday, 18 July 2013

Paris - Random Foodie Delights

When I planned my trip to Paris it was centred around food (of course!) and I did have quite a few places that were must do's on my list.  There were also a few random choices.  I'm not going to review each restaurant (as it is to far in the past to remember and I wasn't so focussed on foodie notes and details as I am now (it's a growing process this food blog thing!))

Early morning brekkie before my Champagne tour (more on that another time) found me at a random little cafe at my meeting point for the tour..  It was still dark outstide and I was cold.  This looked good, so Croque Monsieur, basically a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, however the cheese is on the outside and is typically Emmemntal or Gruyere cheese.  This was great.  Cheesy, crunchy and salty goodness.  Just what I needed to line the stomach before a day of drinking champagne. 
Another morning had me at Angelina which is well know for its  Hot Chocolate L'Afrique, old fashioned hot chocolate with a jut of whipped cream and who could refuse a palmier to go along with it.

Okay, I couldn't resist having a slap up chinese meal with sweet and sour pork with fried rice.  Living in Dubai this was one dish that I craved (which is odd because it's a rare choice for me anyway!)

Another meal of a chef salad and entrecote and frites, which is basically french steak and chips.  Entrecote is typically rib, rib-eye or scotch fillet.

Moules - buckets of mussels with white wine and onions..  Oh so good!  mopped up with fresh slabs of baguettes

A typical french breakfast of cafe au lait, fresh orange juice, baguette, jam, butter and a crossiant.  No better way to wake up in Paris (well actually there is but that is not open to discussion on here! hahah)

Laduree famous for their pastries and macaroons

A little neighbourhood restaurant (in the Marais) offering a 3 course prix fixe menu at a very reasonable price had me dining there one night after an exhausting day of exploring Paris on foot. 
I started off with the pork terraine, which was a country style (ie chunky) slab of porky delight.

Followed by a pot of 'farmhouse' cassulet which was full of beans, confit of duck, rustic sausage and it was wonderfully comforting on a cold winters night.
Followed by floating islands.  Meringue floating on creme anglaise. mmmm..

A bit to cold to be sitting alfresco but it's warm and toasty inside!  I was starting to feel like a Parisian.
Another day of exploring took me to a the underground cemetrys.  2km of tunnels housing old bones from hundreds of year old cemetries. It was amazing until I had the misfortune of tripping over and seeing me face plant into a pile of bones that were a couple of hundred years old. I was in a whole world of hurt. After being 'rescued' by some other explorers and hobbled out of the tunnel and up 83 steps I was beyond pain.  I felt humilated and embarrassed, so ignoring the pain I did what I do best, head off in search of markets and food! I hobbled over to the 14th to the markets there.
Lots of fresh seafood

Take home ready meals - paella
and a lots of cheese stalls and shops!  Cheese lovers paradise!
I purchased truffle cheese, pate, baugettes, strawberries and headed to the Eiffel Tower. ....

I went to the top and the view was amazing, although the day was a little overcast and very cold up there
When I finally got myself back to my guesthouse I was in another world of pain and I stupidly took my shoe off and by the time dinner rolled around my ankle and foot was the size of a watermelon and black and blue as an eggplant. I was in big trouble, so I hobbled across the street from my guesthouse to another little neighbourhood restaurant called Les Bourgesses and nothing a but bottle of wine and a delicious meal could take the pain away (at least for a moment).  The rest of the trip was another story.
I settled myself in for the night and they were kind enough to give me a bag of ice to put on my ankle!
Bougognes Pinot Noir 2007
A bottle of red to myself (medicianal purposes only :))
Onion Soup (note the omitting of 'French' ,considering we are in France)
Thick with onion and gooey cheese it was comfort in a bowl.

Beau Magnet au Canard avec Fruits de Bois (Duck in berry sauce)

This dish was lovely.  The sweet fruity sauce cut through the fattiness of the duck and the skin and fat was rendered perfectly.  Very delicious.

Creme brulee
I love the crack of that caramelised shell and the rich eggy custard. Very few dessert excite me but creme brulee does!
I heart Paris!

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