Thursday, 25 July 2013

El Loco @ Slip Inn - a little bit of mexican in the CBD

My lunch time meeting had me dining at El Loco @ Slip Inn, part of the Merivale portfolio of bars and restaurants around the CBD.  My visit also happened to coincide with National Tequila Day.  Now, we did indulge in a sneaky glass of savignon blanc, but unfortunately there was no shots of tequila consumed. (It's lunchtime people and there is an afternoon in the office - so some decorum was needed!)
The Slip Inn has had a makeover -  going with a mexican inspired setting outdoors - and I was feeling a little be el loco at the Sand Bar.  It may have been a little chilly out but we decided to eat al fresco in the open/undercover bar with its funky, mexican inspired tables and stools and the outdoor heaters blazing.  The menu is Dan Hong inspired mexican which includes tacos, special hotdogs, pulled pork and fish laced with pico de gallo, chipotle and salsas!

the sand bar
With a cheeky glass of sav blanc in hand we ponder on the menu and can't decide.  There are just to many choices and I know I'm already going to come back to try out more.  A few recommendations by the manager, and the suggestion of the special lamb taco that is on tonights menu for National Tequila Day and we order.

roast lamb with marjoram taco with cabbage slaw,salsa verde and pimenton
We start off with a soft shell taco with roasted cubes of lamb in marjoram with cabbage slaw, salsa verde and a sprinkling of pimenton on top.  It's full of flavour, the lamb is tender, the cabbage is crunchy and fresh and the salsa verde gives a nice herbage hint. I like this very much and being a 'special' I'm glad we went with it.

chorizo quesadilla - chorizo, jalapeño and cheese quesadilla
with chipotle mayo
Next up is the chorizo quesadilla - discs of smoky chorizo between 2 tortillas with queso cheese and a side dip of chipotle mayo.  I have tried so many quesadillas and I have never been wowed by them.  This one is tasty.  What's not to love about cheese and chorizo but next time I'll go straight to other menu options.

roast Pork with mexican rice, apple and cucumber salad and pineapple salsa 
You can go past pork belly with crackling!  I'm a sucker for crispy pork cracklin' and this dish did not disappoint.  Succulent and juicy the pork is great and the cracklin' I sliced off and kept to the last bites.  I loved the apple and cucumber salad.  Apple really gives a salad an extra zing of freshness and the pineapple salsa is roasted and smoky and smooth.

We receive a surprise offering from the chef, as the manager passes by he leaves a dish of Arepuelas  Hot and fresh out of the fryer - little Colombian doughnuts with a raspberry jam centre.  They are amazing but be careful has you bite into them - that raspberry jam is STEAMING HOT! Cinnamon, sugar, jam and fluffy dough - amazeballs!

little balls of heaven
El Loco @ Slip Inn is a great bar for a long lunch, a drink afterwork or even for your next work event or function.  It can offer various spaces or exclusive use and it's laid back and casual but a funky place to chill!
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