Friday, 9 October 2015

Night Noodle Markets 2015 - Opening night

Possibly the most well known food event in October are the Night Noodle Markets, part of the Good Food Month in Sydney.

It is a highly anticipated eat feast for the hordes that visit throughout the 18 day event in Hyde Park.  I got there just a little after 5pm last night (opening night) and it was already getting busy!  I remember going to one of the first noodle markets years ago and have watched it grow to what it is today. 

Over 50 stalls are hosting food this year.  That means there is a lot to sample! I have come with a game plan knowing that I am going to have to work through my list over the course of the event. 

I better get eating.

A private event at the Singleton Whiskey & Sugar Bar prevented me from grabbing a whiskey based beverage and one of those delicious sounding Singleton Whiskey & Maple cookies by Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milkbar fame... but I will be back!

Tonight I stopped by Mr Bao Buns, who have just opened a permanent shop on York St.  I decide to tick both dishes that I wanted to try off the list.

They are serving the special Soft Shell Crab Golden Dippers - $13

A couple of big chunks of deep fried soft shell crab, a side of Singaporean style sauce and a deep fried mantou style bread roll.

This is really, really good.  Just the right amount of chilli heat in the sauce

Couldn't resist the Crackling Pork Belly Gua Bao.  Check out that crunchy shard of crackle.  That left a big grin on my face.

The pork is tender and juicy and just enough fat to make it delicious!  The Bao starts at $7.50.  There is also a Karaage Chicken and a Crispy Tofu offering too.

As I wandered around to soak up the atmosphere on an evening that was cooler than other nights this week, with a hint of rain in the air I was enticed by the aroma in the air and the thick smoke wafting from Hoy Pinoy, one of the most popular stalls at the markets.  The line was already long but I will be back for the Lechon Baboy.  Look at all those piggies roasting away. 

Last dish of the night....I couldn't pass up on finally trying Pappa Rich's Fried Chicken Skin.  At $8 it's a generous portion...... like it came in a bucket!

It was everything I imagined.  Super crispy and crunchy.  There was no way I would demolish the bucket however.

I passed Waffle on a Stick, but just couldn't face dessert tonight.  But check out the variety they are offering.  I might need to share this with someone.  Who's coming with me?

There are many bars and chill out areas this year and Yalumba Bar is back with their double storey seating area offering a nice view over the area.  Perfect place to grab a stool and sit back with a cold wine or beer and enjoy an evening al fresco.

There is plenty of options and choices this year and I'm eager to get back there next week to work on that list! I feel this year is going to be bigger and better and a huge success! 

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