Thursday, 3 September 2015

Sydney Tea Festival Part 2

Plunging right in.......... following my previous Sydney Tea Festival post (here) and after a small 'tea' break from all the tea drinking I head on over to the otherside of the shed. 
The Love Tea range is extensive but ultimately started when naturapath student Emma Watson was seeking an organic chai she had made previously.  Since 2006 the range has grown to include teas, herbals and chais.
Nothing beats tea brewed in a teapot.  I love teapots in all shapes and sizes.  I love tea parties too (just in case you were wondering).  I stopped in my tracks when I saw this beautifully designed Japanese style teapot.  It's so fine and delicate and I am in awe.  I would love to own one of these one day.
These teapots are found at Gingko Leaf, a beautiful store in Woollahra selling Japanese contemporary homeware, including porcelain, ceramics and glassware.

TTotaller was probably the only tea stop of the day.  Well actually I did stop by, but they had left their filter at the store and were unable to brew and serve samples.  I made a note to return (and in perfect honestly forgot to go back!).  Shame, as I really was interested in this range of tea.
It does not matter how much I try matcha tea I just don't get it.  I love green tea, but matcha is to grassy and earthy for my palate. I feel like I am missing out on something.  Mista Matcha offers 100% pure stone ground green tea.
Wat I do love is the equipment and the ceremony used to make matcha tea. 
I have been inspired to visit Berry sooner rather than later.  A town that is on my list of weekends away and just not getting there.  The Berry Tea Shop has urged me to do something about that. 
They offer a very large collection of tea blends along with teaware and accessories.  Today I sampled the Berry Blend, which is very fruity and fragrant but it's the Madam Grey that I'm interested in!  One up on my all time favourite the Earl Grey, the Madam Grey is laced with blue cornflowers, citrus peel and hibiscus flowers
Neo Australia began as a skincare range (and still is) and eventually the tea range, Neo Organics was launched.  This tea range has been blended according to ancient Indian Ayurvedic remedies.  The Comfort Tea with liquorice is really good but it's the Chocolate Dream that surprises me.  I am not a fan of either Rooibos tea nor chocolate in tea but these two ingredients seem to work and it tasted like a hot chocolate! 
 Larson and Thompson are a tea wholesaler based in Melbourne.  They are not signed to any specific tea plantation which gives them free roaming to pick and choose the best tea crops of the season.
I am wowed by their Jasmine Pearl tea.  The floral aroma with each sip is making me want more.  Keep your eyes on this one folks.  Its a winner!
The one thing that I am taken by at this festival is the variety of boutique tea companies that are selling.  I haven't heard of at least 85% of them, making today so much better than I first imagined.  Although I have always been a tea drinker and have visited tea plantations in various countries, today has opened up a whole new world to me.
Next up to Mrs Cattea.  For taste comparison I sample the jasmine tea, which is pretty good but it is the caramelised oolong that is the pleasant discovery, adding a new dimension to oolong tea that I like.

There is just so many varieties on offer at Pine Tea and Coffee.  Their tea is branded as Silver Tip.  There are many fruity blends and after trying a Peach Melba I find them to fruity for me.  Perhaps iced would be better for my palate?
The local family company is based in Castle Hill sourcing teas from around the world and also roasting their own coffee on site for sale.
RicoCoco's Chocolate Tea was very busy with their one product.  It's not chocolate, it's not 'tea' but its 100% organic made from the shell of the cacao bean.  It's the perfect chocolate fix without the calories!
Perfect South Green Teas are prepared using Japanese methods but using Australian grown green tea.  Unique to the market these teas are either first harvest teas or estate teas (being mid to late harvest) bringing you the freshest quality of tea.
The orange an cinnamon houijicha is intensely flavourful and refreshing and the lime and coconut sencha tea is unusually summery.
Marketed as organic healing tea, Tea Amo is very popular with tea lovers.  I decide to go with something served cold this time and I try the Revive tea.  Packed with ginseng, nettle leaf, cinnamon and liquorice it is to aid with energy, alertness and boosts brain activity.
Served cool it's refreshing and zesty.  (I regret not purchasing a pack to take home)....
I scored at Truly Tea Byron Bay.  Remember I said that I was drawn to liquorice teas today.  Well the Lovely Liquorice here was awesome.  Instant love.
They also do a Turkish Cheery tea which is super sweet and reminiscent of sipping Turkish apple teas and smoking shishsas in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.
Surprisingly I am not tea'd out yet.  I'm ready for more.
At this point the festival is so packed with tea goers that people are elbowing to get in to sample teas.  It is a little mayhem (so my advice is to arrive early and get into it).
At Tippity Tea  Jane the Queen takes centre stage, with a play on Lady Grey with citrus peel and lavender.  Unfortunately the lady next next to me sampling it was also taken with it and nabbed the last bag!  *Insert sad face here*
 My Teahouse offers great quality chinese tea from ooloong to red tea, there is something for everyone.
The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar is an exciting concept with not only an online store but in the near future Tea Bar opening.  
Nothing but organic and fair trade tea and blended ingredients will ensure for some awesome tasting teas and a fabulous place to hang out.  The best thing about these teas is the smell actually translates into the flavour.  Toffee Apple ir Chocolate Orange Fudge anyone?  What about a Ginger Snap or a Licorice Allsort. Yes Please! 
My second last tea tasting for the day is at Kettle Town.  Indulging in their Mintilla with mint and vanilla, Ginger Safari, with hints of chocolate and rose and the Toasted Toffee with caramel make for a decadent tea break.  These teas are 'innovative and quriky'.
Finally finishing up at Somage Fine Foods with a cup of their Chamellia 9 Spice Fresh Chai with a blend of spices, organic black tea and organic honey.  This is a creamy, full bodied Chai

After all the tea drinking I actually need some sustenance and there are a few food trucks and food stalls which have long snaking lines.  I went with Tsaru for a pork belly bao and their famous fries.


It's lunchtime and there are so many people. See I told you it was packed! 

After a super morning I as all tea'd out and ready to take my leaf!

(*apologies for the puns!)
Can't wait till next year!


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