Friday, 10 April 2015

Hurstville City Council Night Markets - Greek

Last month, Hurstville City Council held the first of a string of festivals celebrating the various ethnic groups in the area. The festival is held in MacMahon Street on 14 March and it was Greek night.

I arrived just on start time and there were a few people milling about.

I was surprised on how small the festival was but enjoyed wandering around the few stalls to see the products on offer. Bibela Designs were there showing off their beautiful ceramic products and even The Footy Man was there selling Hellenic football gear. Homer St who sell Greek Gourmet food products and gifts attended and  I particularly liked the wild thyme honey that was being sampled.

Greek DJ , DJ Krazy Kon made an appearance for an exclusive live performance and was selling his 15th CD “Greece 2015 Volume 15” along with other entertainment, signing and dancing.

There was a demonstration on traditional Greek dancing, with the children dancing in colourful traditional costumes.

There were a handful of food stalls on offer too. Feed the Greek van that was selling yerros and the line was much as I wanted to taste...I was so full from being at another food event during the day... I did stop by the Hellenic Bakery (from Marrickville) selling their famous spanakopita (cheese and spinach parcels) and true to form, crispy, hot and delicious!

There was a stall selling loukamades dripping in sweet honey too (and again line was long)! Also an ice cream van was in attendance and even Dutch Pancakes was there offering a Mykonos pancake, which looked liked strawberries and chocolate.

Inside the Civic Centre, there was a Playstation setup on the big screen with a few other games set up around the place. Although I understand that this is a way to entertain some kids and many would love to play a game or two on a large movie screen, in my opinion I just don’t think that this form of entertainment was necessary.

So this weekend the next festival is happening and it’s to celebrate the Indian/Nepalese community. It looks like it could be a delicious and colourful night!  Who's going?

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