Monday, 12 January 2015

Redskin Fudge

2015 has started off just how my 2014 ended. Quiet, low key and taking some time out for a much needed rest. Not exactly how I planned to spend my holidays, but it was taken out of my hands.
Unfortunately I've been using this time to recover from a nasty fall down some stairs just before Christmas. Knees, back and neck injuries... Time, resting and recouping and lots of physio has helped and slowly getting back on my feet so to speak. I'm back at work and taking each day as it comes. Definitely getting there. Thanks to everyone for the kind messages and thoughts.
So to kick start the blog for the year I was enthused enough to get into the kitchen this weekend for a little bit.  
This recipe for slow cooker redskin fudge is doing the rounds on Facebook and social media and I was intrigued by it.  Growing up I loved redskins, especially if they are hard.  Remember they sometimes were chewy and gooey and sometimes they were hard and snapped......

I do not know the origins of the recipe and its freely available if you google it.  My head was at war as to whether to make it or year's resolutions and all....*sigh*... but the good thing is I can take it to work and fob it off to others!! hahaha
2 x blocks Cadbury Dream (I used Cadbury white cooking chocolate as its nearly, if not, the same)
1 x tin condensed milk
1 x bag of redskins
1 tsp of vanilla essence (I used extract)
Throw all into a slow cooker and cook on high for one hour.
Stir half way through and at end to blend ingredients together.
Pour into a baking paper lined deep baking tray.
Let cool.
Refrigerate until set.
Cut into bite size pieces.
This turned out to be super sweet and very rich. As a non sweet tooth eater I found it too much however my sugar loving niece loved it!

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