Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hanging out on a Sydney Dude Food Tour with Tastemaven

Always up for a food tour or a new food experience where ever I am in the world, I was lucky enough to join a group of fellow foodbloggers last Friday night on a Sydney Dude Food tour run by Tastemaven.  So what is Tastemaven I hear you ask?
Three friends who share a love of food, adventure and travel decided that the concept of a group of new friends getting together to share a meal, getting out of ones comfort zone and discovering food around our fair city was exciting. A way for a group of people to hang out, taste new foods, meet new people and explore. So Tastemaven was born.
Friday night was the pilot tour for the Sydney Dude Food tour run by Isaac - a Sydney Dude! 
The evening was kicking off at The Forresters which was pumping when I arrived.  As I was early and had a sneaky glass of wine before meeting the group. For research purposes of course.
wine at the bar
After some confusion about where everyone was meeting, we finally found everyone and introductions were made.  It wasn't long before we delved into some serious snacks.  And when I say serious I mean serious ....3/4's of the 'snacks' on the menu was ordered.  The table was piled high.

It also wasn't long before we were all chatting and getting to know each other.  Food will always bring people together (in my opinion).

eat all the snacks
From top clockwise we have the:
  • fried calamari slider with jalapeno tartare and rocket
  • supreme pizza pockets
  • fries with cool ranch dressing
  • buffalo cauliflower with cool ranch dressing
  • adobo meatball taco w smoked jalapenos, shredded iceberg and queso cheese,
  • BBQ garlic and corn bread with smoked mozzarella and jalapeno salsa
  • salt and peppa squid
  • dynamite slide with chilli beef, onion rings and bread an butter pickles
  • Korean fried chicken with kimchee sour cream
My favourite would have to be the buffalo cauliflower, the Korean fried chicken, the salt and peppa calamari.  The supreme pizza pockets were a let down.
Moving on, we needed to roll......(literally)
A brisk walk over to Chur Burger on Albion St, we find there is going to be about a 20 minute wait.  It's a Friday night and no reservations.  However, that's a great wait considering we are a party of nine.  It gives us a chance to chat and get to know each other a little more and more importantly a chance for a stomachs to get ready for the next 'course'!

what's your chur-ce
Chur burger may only offer a few options but the kitchen is pumping out these fabulous burgers.  It's all fast pace in the kitchen but they staff take a quick photo op!

I go with the very popular pulled pork with Chur BBQ sauce, red slaw and fennel mayo. I'm not disappointed, soft but chewy exterior bun with crunchy slaw and smoky tender shreds of pork is delectable and as I bite into it the juices start to run down the wrists.  I politely and discreetly lick my hands, which is not easy in a crowded restaurant and sitting at a table of people who are essentially 'strangers' even though we are mostly food bloggers who would probably do the same thing!     

pulled pork Chur
I do eye off someone's chicken burger which is grilled marinated chicken, hot sauce mayo and minted slaw and make a mental note for next time.

chicken chur
It's just a pity that we have no room for the sweet potato fries or a milkshake but there is one more stop to be had.  Never fear I will be returning to Chur soon.
Our last stop is over at Brooklyn Social, however when we arrived there is a 45 minute wait (again no reservations), so it is decided to head back towards Darlinghurst and end the tour with a sweet ending at Rivareno Gelato.  We all mention that all the walking that we are doing is walking off the calories!
I actually walked past this place a couple of weeks ago having no idea that they were so good!  It's not busy at around 9pm on a Friday so we take full advantage of taste testing some of the menu.

The gelato is a traditional Italian gelato and is made with milk, cream and cane syrup, which doesn't make the gelato overly sweet.  It's the flavour combinations that give it the most amazing texture and sweetness.  The gelato is so smooth.
After many tastings I opt for two scoops.  One is a speciality scoop of ricotta a figs, which is made with sheeps milk ricotta and deeply caramelised figs.  The second scoop is called Caramello Salato and is Himalayan salted caramel.  This scoop pops with salt crystals and is delicious.

gelato heaven
All in all, this was a pleasant night, meeting new people with the same interest - FOOD, eating some comfort food which is definitely on the Dude Food radar, great venues and all round lovely night. 
If you are interested in an evening of restaurant hopping or for another experience such as cupcake decorating, Indian street food, a Brazilian brunch or a have a sweet tooth head over to the Tastemaven website for more details.
I wish the girls all the best success for their new venture and thanks for a fab evening!

The Forresters on Urbanspoon - The Forresters

Chur Burger on Urbanspoon - Chur Burger

RivaReno Gelato on Urbanspoon - Rivareno Gelato

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