Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bay Tinh, Marrickville

It was Valentines day.  I am not a person to celebrate Valentine's day - no I am not some dried up old spinster who doesn't believe in love or romance - I am quiet the opposite however it is more about the fact that I don't believe you need a 'hallmark' day to show you love and care for someone. Each and everyday should be about showing your feelings to a beloved one.  
We were both looking forward to some great Vietnamese food though (and yes we were both a little happy to have a date on Valentines day (we have only just started dating) regardless of what I have previously said LOL).
.......but I digress.
I have dined at Bay Tinh a couple of times before (blogger fail) and have always enjoyed our meals here.  We were seated early in the dining room that was already busy with couples and a few families. We are given a few moments to ourselves as we pour some wine and talk about our day and peruse the menu. All very civilised....but come on we are here for the food.  
There are so many options that I have been drooling over and know that I have to sacrifice so many (this time).
For starters we go with stuffed mussels - mussels stuffed with a fat prawn in oyster sauce. 
nothing stuffed about these
The mussels are tender and the prawn inside perfectly cooked.  The prawn fell out as soon as you picked it up, so was eaten separately.  The bed of salad is fresh and tangy.   Not a bad dish but I was obviously thinking 'stuffed' meant something other than just a prawn shoved inside it.
Next up we shared a huge platter of salt & pepper calamari.  Deep fried with crispy shells encasing soft, tender calamari and laced with salt and pepper and a side of lemon dipping sauce.  I could have had more chilli and will know for next time but these morsels were super good.  We were fork
calamari goodness
We also delved into a platter of ginger and shallot chicken.  I am a big fan of ginger and shallot chicken.  I always feel healthy and nurtured when eating this dish.  This was a great dish.  Hot ginger and soft green shallots with plenty of onions and tender chicken pieces.  I always feel comforted by the dish and this one is a big thumbs up.  We had a serve of simple steamed rice to go with the dish.
ginger love
I would highly recommend Bay Tinh.  I know I'll be back and testing more of their menu.

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