Friday, 10 January 2014

Cruising the Southern Caribbean - Carnival Valor - Day 5 - St Lucia

Arriving in St Lucia this morning was a beautiful sight.  Each island is very different to the other in terms of lushness, beaches, forest and obviously size.  I've booked myself a tour of the Island today so the day (with lots of food too) will be in a separate post.  So this one will be short and sweet.

Another quick breakfast at the buffet (which I have to admit I'm a bit over but it's quick and easy).  The eggs were better today and well American bacon just doesn't get much better than this.

bacon, eggs benedict, melon and peanut butter and jam (for the bagel)

After a day exploring I was hungry.  It just happened to be formal night number 2, but I didn't really dress up tonight (it just didn't seem to be such a big hoo ha for the second night).....skipping photos and introductions with the captail I head to my dining room and my favourite head waiter and suggestions of the snails as a must can I resist and good recommendation.

I am not disappointed, in fact these are probably the best garlic snails I've ever had the pleasure of eating. Lots of herby garlic butter with chablis and pernod drenching very tender morsels of snail.
the seafood platter which had black tiger shrimp, ahi tartare and hickory smoked pacific salmon with watercress and American cocktail sauce was okay. Nothing wrong at all with it, just didn't wow me.

Seafood platter
The Chateaubriand with sauce bearnaise was absolutely superb.  The beef tenderloin was perfectly tender and rare, exactly how I love it.  You could slice it with a spoon it was that butter soft.  The peas with raisins and the mustard mash were okay....I just wanted the meat! Meat wins any day!


Okay, bursting point has been reached so my philosophy that  ice cream always fits in was used...I pull that card quite regularly.  ...hey ice cream melts and goes down between the cracks - it doesn't fill you up! hehehe

This was butter pecan. After trying it I will admit I'm not a big fan of the flavour but I'm glad I sampled some.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Two more days to go on this cruise and I'm so satisfied by this food (well, full) that I'm gaining a couple of kilos (so much for hitting the gym on the cruise ship everyday) LOL I think I've been once.....for 20 minutes!!!!!

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