Friday, 2 August 2013

Paris - Le Comptoir de Relais

Following on from my Paris Gourmet and Random Foodie and Bubbles and Sparkles posts recently, I would like to finish up on Paris with one last post, which is about one of the most amazing meals I had ever had (and currently still in the top five today).  After weeks of researching and booking and planning my 5 days in Paris, I decided to dine at Le Comptoir de Relais.  When I made the reservation it was 6 months in advance and I only managed to get one night out of the five I was in Paris.  A small restaurant that sat 30 guests and the menu changes daily (depending on produce available). Five course meal for 50 Euro with a Michellain star chef, Yves Cambeborde at the pass (and behind the stove!).

I felt a little out of place dining solo but it didn't take long for other guests sitting nearby to chatter away.  It's a local neighbourhood place too and I got chatting with a local couple that dine often (and book in for monthly visits (months in advance!).

I start with a glass of bubbles and a bowl of purple crisps to nibble one while perusing the wine list and the menu for the evening. It's not long before the meal begins (even though the experience has started since opening the front door).

I cannot go into full descriptions of the dish and the taste.  This was a time before I started writing down everything about my food experiences.  Yes I was photographing and savouring it, but this was a time way before any thoughts of future blogging and my mind just doesn't remember everything so far back.  All I know is that I know that I enjoyed it so much I still rave about it!

First course is a potato risotto with shaved truffles.  This would be the first time that I had ever tasted fresh truffles and the aroma was delectable. I wasn't disappointed.

potato risotto with black truffles
The next course was another dish that would be a new taste sensation.  It was sea urchin omlete served in the sea urchin. As the dish is slide in front of me I am a wondering what to expect with on the flavour.   I needn't have worried.  It's a smooth delicate flavour with hints of the sea.  The crisp biscuit accompaning the dish is plunge into the omelette and I smile as I think of googy egg soliders from my childhood (okay, okay and my adulthood!)
sea urchin omlette

The main dish was veal with brussels sprouts with a jus.  The veal was a medium rare and the brussel sprouts were green and vibrant and

veal and brussels
When the house cheese board came around to my table I was in awe.  Ten cheeses ranging from soft to smelly to hard, quince paste, cherry compote and crackers.  This board is served around to the whole restaurant at some point after the main dish is served.  It stays on your table until you have finished with it!  Amazing....I just hope that nobody else was waiting on me to was there for a little longer than I had planned. (I just wish that I had written down all the cheeses).

The finishing touch to the meal is a decadent gooey chocolate cake.

After service finishes Yves Cambeborde pops up to the dining room to greet his guests.  Through my limited school French and his lack of English I managed to communicate that I had enjoyed this meal. If you are ever in Paris and can get to this little restaurant I highly recommend it!   

*a few people have noted my weight loss since many of these past dining experiences. Thank you for your kind comments.  It's a work in progress. Having a food blog doesn't always help with the weight loss but it's about finding a balance that works for me.

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